Our New Gym Bag Obsession—Fitmark’s Dashing Tote!

  January 24, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

For those of you who know us, you know that without our daily workouts, we don’t feel the same—and we’ll each tell you that it doesn’t take a lot to make us happy—just let us exercise and eat the foods we like. 🙂 As die-hard fitness fanatics, creatures of habit, and a little bit the type-of- gals that like order and for everything to have it’s place (oh– and who happen to be slight germaphobes too ;)), when we find something we like and that fits our needs, we tend to fall hard.  And recently we discovered Fitmark’s #nicebags Dashing Tote, and we fell head over heels.


Here’s what we love—and you will too— The tote is fashion-forward and is sleek– no matter what city you live in.


It’s got super soft leather handles.

It’s big enough to fit everything you can possibly need—your laptop, your kindle, your water bottle, your layers of clothing, your work clothes, your play clothes, your make-up, your toiletries… everything. It’s comes with a separate anti-microbial laundry bag and shoe bag (woot woot!)


There’s a magnetic pocket for phone, keys and valuables. (Tammy no longer accepts Lyssie’s excuses that she couldn’t find her keys as her reason for being late).


It’s packed with compartments—perfect if you like to stay organized like we do!  We are huge fans of the labels—everything has its place!   There’s even a compartment labeled “Clean” so you know it’s where you should store your toothbrush and razor!


We feel super lucky that Fitmark sent us our own totes!  Thank you Fitmark Bags –you’ve rocked our world! To learn more about Fitmark and their #nicebags, visit their website www.Fitmarkbags.com , follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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