Happy Valentine’s Day From WiseJackCooking.com, A friend of The NutritionTwins

  February 12, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes


This photo is from wisejackcooking.com (Buffalo Chicken Meatloaf)


Be Our Valentine—You have all been so amazing and supportive, so Let Us Show you Some Love!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and our amazing friend, who runs the company Wisejack Cooking, has generously offered to extend an amazing offer to friends of The Nutrition Twins! Simply Run—don’t walk–to www.wisejackcooking.com! Here, you’ll find the perfect gift for the man in your life, or for any guy who wants to be able to cook with confidence. So guys, this is the perfect healthy gift you deserve to give yourself too!

Here’s the skinny: Wisejack Cooking is A-MAAAA-ZING! It’s from the same bunch of men who created “The Wisejack man’s Cookbook”. Eight super-talented executive chefs (some of them have even won the Food Network’s “Chopped” and others have cooked for royalty and celebrities!) create weekly meal plans that are all themed. Then a bunch of regular guys test the recipes to show anyone can do them well. The whole thing is put together in an online environment that guys are just going to LOVE–it’s very manly, but classy. And there’s just loads of bonus content about everything from eating healthier, workout tips, hiking, craft beers and wine-pairings to food tips for dads. It’s also more than 300 recipes a year formatted in the way guys like to read and follow instructions. And in our opinion, anything that can get you doing more cooking at home usually equals less salt and fat and smaller portions (and saving money) which are all healthier things.

Here’s the amazing part: Our friend did something for us—-we get to offer friends of The Nutrition Twins (that’s you!) an opportunity to get this for your guy for wayyyyy less then it normally would be. You get a copy of “The Wisejack Man’s Cookbook” and you get SIX MONTHS of total access to the WisejackCooking.com website. This would normally be $49.95, and they are currently offering as a combo pack for only $29.95.

Buy the combo pack by the end of February, 2014 and enter the coupon code NUTRITIONTWINS and you will get an INSTANT 40% SAVINGS!!!! Now that combo pack is less than $18.00, and they will ship the book to anywhere within the continental US!

This is our gift to you, hooking you up with a game-changing gift for men, at a huge savings just because we happen to know the head of the company and you know us! 🙂 (And by the way ladies—when your man is cooking for you, he’ll be showing some love to you too!) Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! 🙂

(PS: We’d really love to hear from you when you took advantage of this coupon code so we know our friends are feeling the love!) Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Wisejack Cooking Executive Chef Alan Vargas!


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