Nutrition Misperception #1

  May 6, 2011  |    Blog

Wanna know what the biggest nutrition misperceptions are?

Tune in for the next four days to learn about some of the most common nutrition misconceptions that we hear and different ways to fix them!

Confusion #1: You go for a food that says “0 grams of trans fat” and you believe it’s void of any trans fat.

The Truth: Foods that say “0 grams of trans fat” aren’t always 100% trans fat free!

How could this be?

A few years ago, the FDA came up with some guidelines for food companies to follow that don’t really make sense when it comes to listing the trans fat content of their food in the food’s nutrition facts panel. Basically, trans fat content only needs to be listed if the food contains 0.5 grams or more of it per serving.

What does this mean for you?

So, if you’re like most people and you tend to have more than one serving of foods like crackers, etc., you can easily eat more than 1 gram of trans fat. (The American Heart Association recommends we get no more than 2 grams of trans fat in an entire day).

So even if you just eat 1 serving, any trans fat is still too much trans fat and, over the course of the day, adds up.

What should you do about it?

So read your labels and if a food lists partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oil, the product cannot be completely trans fat free! For your health, aim to get NO trans fat every day.

We’ve found trans fat in most granola bars and in most crackers and have decided not to let the ones with hydrogenated oils into our pantries. Are there any foods that you have noticed this with? Any pretzels? Snacks?

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