Announching Mark Turner & Leila Sbitani’s Hosting Class

  November 12, 2016  |    Uncategorized

Hello aspiring TV hosts/influencers!




Mark Turner and Leila Sbitani can help you!


We’re thrilled to announce, for the very FIRST time, our incredible agent Mark Turner is teaching his own hosting class (alongside the immensely talented and experienced, Leila Sbitani)! 


















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This is a terrific opportunity for aspiring and experienced hosts/experts/influencers alike,  to learn, firsthand, from a 20 year industry veteran, how to succeed, and grow your brand.  This exciting opportunity will be a one day intensive class on 12/3/16 in New York City.  Check out all the details here:

What you’ll learn about:

-What Agents, Networks, and Production Companies are Looking For

-How to Pitch a TV Show

-Learn the Importance of Social Media 

-Auditioning Techniques

-Working with a Co-Host

-Bullet Points

-Cold Reading Copy

-Discovering Your Brand

-Building Confidence

-Connecting with the Audience


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