Brothers All-Natural Fruit Crisps Review

  March 31, 2014  |    Blog

We are the hugest fruit fans! And that’s why we flipped our curly-haired tops when Brother’s-All-Natural sent us cases of their all-natural, no-sugar added freeze-dried fruits!  They’re packed with great flavor and crunch– they’re absolutely delicious! Can you say obsessed?!  Yes, we are–and luckily, they’re healthy!

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The Scoop:

Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps, are a healthy, 100% fruit snack.  The fruit is freeze-dried and contains absolutely no additives or preservatives, it’s just the fruit!  Gotta love that! 🙂


And you know us–we love a good snack–especially one that’s easy on the go!  Since Fruit Crisps are conveniently packaged for hassle-free, on-the-go snacking and each half cup bag contains two full servings of fruit and less than 60 calories  (perfect to hold you over between meals) we knew we had to introduce them to you and give you the chance to win ’em.

Big bonus?  The crispiness of the fruit is very satisfying for those who crave crunchy foods and the sweetness of the fruit helps curb a sweet tooth.  Great way to squash those cravings!


How do we eat them? Let us count the ways!  Right out of the bag or added to Greek yogurt, as salad toppers, in smoothies for added servings of fruit… the list goes on and on.

And pssssst…..Fruit Crisps are allergy-friendly:  gluten free, soy free, peanut/tree nut free, non GMO, vegan, and U Kosher certified.


The Good News For you!:

The Nutrition Twins and Brothers-All-Natural are teaming up!


We are looking for the tastiest, healthiest smoothie in America!!

We are kicking off Spring with a mission to find the healthiest, most nutrition-packed, energizing, scrumptious, get-your-butt-moving smoothie in America!


Join us and get ready for Spring and ALL THINGS SMOOTHIE!!  Are you a Vita-mixing master, a Nutri-blasting goddess,  a smoothie-blending diva, a nutritious-beverage Ninja, or simply the creator of an amazing smoothie that is packed with flavor and nutrition? Then show off your recipe and WIN PRIZES!

In addition to the prizes below, the TOP 50 FINALISTS will have their recipes included in an ebook titled “50 Scrumptious Shape-up Smoothie Recipes” and featured on both Brothers-All-Natural and The Nutrition Twins website and social media!  Make sure you sign up to get the FREE SMOOTHIE RECIPE EBOOK! 

We’re going to be co-hosting a Scrumptious Shape Up Smoothie Contest with Brother’s All-Natural where you can enter with your Slimming-Spring Time smoothie and you could win some fabulous prizes.

One of them being LOTS of Brother’s-All-Natural!  Please enter here and win!


GRAND PRIZE:  1 winner will receive:

Veggie Cure by The Nutrition Twins
Fitbit Flex, choice of color!
$100 gift certificate to Brothers-All-Natural

SECOND PLACE:  3 winners will receive:

  • A copy of The Veggie Cure by The Nutrition Twins
  • A $50 Gift Certificate to

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