Chicken Burger Patties with Wild Blueberries

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If you’re looking for the perfect juicy burger that you can whip up in minutes and that’s actually good for your waistline and overall health—and that even the kids will love—then these sweet and savory Chicken Burger Patties with Wild Blueberries are for you!

As registered dietitians and personal trainers, we can tell you that one of the biggest complaints we hear from our new clients is that healthy, easy weight-loss recipes never taste great. But once we introduce them to this ground chicken burger patties recipe (and to a few others), they quickly eat their words!

Reasons to love this recipe

  • Easy to make whether on the grill, in a grill pan, or in a sauté’ pan
  • It’s a low-calorie burger recipe that’s juicy, sweet, and savory
  • Kids love it!
  • Wild blueberries pack sweetness (no added sugar!), fiber, and major anti-inflammatory and brain health benefits
  • It’s protein-packed to keep you full
  • Great for weight loss, even with a bun!
  • Ideal for meal planning – You can easily make these burgers ahead of time

What makes these sweet and savory chicken burger patties so easy to make?

We’re obsessed with recipes that you can effortlessly make after an exhausting day at work or a long day of running around with the kids– and this hot number is one you can literally make by mixing a few common ingredients in a bowl.

You don’t even need a spoon! In fact, it’s better that you mix it with your hands. You could always wear thin gloves if you like, but anyway you do it, you’re taking a few ingredients, mixing them together, pressing them into discs, and throwing them on the grill or in a pan.

In less than thirty minutes, you have a delicious burger for a kid-friendly cookout or for a satisfying, weeknight weight-loss dinner.

Why are these ground chicken burger patties good for weight loss?

Unlike most ground turkey and chicken burger patties which use all parts of the bird, including the legs and skin (which more than doubles the fat and calorie content!), this burger recipe uses ground chicken breast meat only.

Chicken breast is the leanest part of the chicken and has the most protein. This means that this ground chicken burger patties recipe is low in fat and calories and is packed with satiating protein, so it keeps you feeling full without weighing you down or making you feel sluggish or heavy.

Since it is low in fat, ground breast meat tends to be drier, so most burger recipes that call for ground chicken or turkey breast add a hefty dose of calorie-laden oil or another fat source to make the burger juicier, negating all the weight loss benefits. Not our chicken burger patties—we wouldn’t do that to you!

Instead, our chicken burger patties recipe includes an amazing ingredient that makes the burger juicy and even better for weight loss—and for your health!


What makes these healthy ground chicken burger patties so juicy?

Unlike most super lean protein-packed burgers, these patties aren’t dried out. In fact, they’re extra juicy and antioxidant-packed, thanks to the break-out star ingredient, wild blueberries. They add succulent sweet goodness plus moisture to this savory burger and are the main reason why it’s deceivingly low in calories. Plus, they pack in some mega-health benefits.

Are wild blueberries healthier than regular ones?

One of the reasons we use wild blueberries in this recipe is because they provide a more intense blueberry flavor that ordinary blueberries can’t match. Plus, you buy them frozen so you can have them ready for any quick meal and don’t have to worry that they’ve spoiled. And of course, as registered dietitians, we love the nutritional advantages! 😉

Compared to ordinary blueberries, wild blueberries have:

  • Double the antioxidants
  • 33% more brain-healthy anthocyanins
  • 72% more fiber
  • 32% less sugar

Plus, they’re frozen at peak freshness, locking in their incredible taste and nutrition.

What makes wild blueberries so good for you?

Other than the fact that we smile (which is great for health) when we eat them and particularly when Lyssie’s boyfriend asks her to pass him the Wild Bloobs :), they have been shown to protect your heart1, improve insulin sensitivity for those at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes2, reduce metabolic syndrome risk factors3, have positive effects on vision4 and they’re being researched for a likely link to improved exercise performance and recovery, wound healing and prevention of bone loss.

Wild blueberries are packed with antioxidants that play a huge part in all these benefits. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, decreasing the inflammation that leads to chronic diseases and aging and that also can impact cognitive health5.

And as girls who are always trying to get an edge on brain health, we’re completely rocked by the link between wild blueberries and brain benefits.  We say- hook these sistas up with some wild blooms!

A blast from the past–Lyssie raking wild blueberries and getting her hands on these brain-boosting goodies

Do wild blueberries help the brain function?

You better believe it! They’re incredible for your brain heath5! Research has shown that wild blueberry:

  • Boost brain health in kids!
  • Enhance memory
  • Improve the brain’s ability to make decisions, organize thoughts, stay focused and manage emotions.
  • May slow age-related decline
  • Improve metabolic health, which boosts brain health
  • May boost mood

To reap the brain and the entire body benefits of wild blueberries, give these recipes a whirl!

Bruschetta with Tomatoes and Wild Blueberries

Skinny Turkey Meatballs with Wild Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Baked Tilapia with Wild Blueberry-Apple Chipotle Chutney

White Chocolate Drizzled Wild Blueberry Granola Balls (No-Bake!)

Lemon Wild Blueberry Mini Tarts

Tammy didn’t want to get left out of the action! Here she is raking wild blueberries and getting her hands on these brain-boosting goodies too!

Wild Blueberry Bonus! In addition to brain and body health benefits– wild blueberries provide belly benefits. That’s right, if you’re looking to lose weight, your flat belly can benefit from wild blueberries!

What makes wild blueberries so good for weight loss?

They’re low in calories, and high in fiber to fill you up, and they make the perfect no-sugar-added sweet treat or delicious recipe flavor enhancer –just like in these ground chicken burger patties!  –they’re a total win-win!

Research suggests they may assist in weight loss since they contain the phytochemical C3G that may increase the production of both adiponectin (which enhances fat metabolism) and leptin (which suppresses appetite). Oh yeah!

And as personal trainers, we’re obsessed with this weight loss bonus– Wild Blueberries enhance fat burning and also increase viral protection6 when combined with exercise. So try our Blueberry Chai Protein Smoothie for breakfast and head out for a run for some extra fat burning!–Just be sure to use wild blueberries!

Fun fact: Blueberries also are rich in fiber to keep you regular—when you move waste out of your colon, your belly looks flatter and feels better!

While we eat wild blueberries for a sweet treat on their own, we can’t help wanting to add them to everything so they naturally slid into our chicken burger patties and the result is… insanely delicious!

What’s combined with sweet wild blueberries in these ground chicken burger patties?

The combination of sweet wild blueberries and basil compliment the savory feta and onion perfectly. You can put it on a hamburger bun or on a lettuce wrap, and then add balsamic glaze and know that whichever you choose, you’ll have a healthy, low-calorie burger recipe that’s great for weight loss, and it will satisfy your taste buds and your entire family’s—including the kids!

Ground Chicken Burger Patties with Wild Blueberries

These Chicken Burger Patties with Wild Blueberries are the perfect combination of sweet and savory and are a hit with kids!

Yield: 4 burger patties

Ingredients needed to make ground chicken burger patties recipe with wild blueberries

  • 1 lb lean ground chicken breast (we used 99% lean)
  • 1/4 cup frozen wild blueberries
  • 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese (regular, light, or fat-free)
  • 1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
  • 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • pinch of salt
  • cooking spray oil

For serving (optional): whole wheat hamburger buns, sliced red onion, tomato, lettuce, balsamic glaze*

How to make chicken burger patties with wild blueberries

  1. Combine all burger patties ingredients (ground chicken through salt) in a medium bowl. Using your hands, mix very gently until the ingredients are evenly distributed, being careful not to overmix.
  2. Divide the mixture into 4 patties and press into a disk about 3/4-inch thick.
  3. Heat a grill pan, sauté pan or grill over medium-high heat. Spray lightly with cooking spray. Cook the burgers for 4-6 minutes on each side, until a thermometer inserted into the center of the burger reaches 165 degrees F.
  4. Serve however you’d like – in a lettuce wrap, on a burger bun, or enjoy them as is!

Recipe tips:

  • For the glaze, we used a bottle of balsamic glaze from the grocery store, right next to all the other kinds of vinegar. If you wanted to create your own, cook balsamic vinegar in a pan over medium heat until it is thickened and syrupy (about 10-15 minutes). We drizzled about 1/2 teaspoon on each burger for a little extra sweet/sour flavor.
  • Keep the wild blueberries frozen when mixing them into the burger patties, no need to thaw. Thawed blueberries added to the mixture will turn the patties blue.
  • We cooked these indoors on a grill pan and it worked perfectly! A saute pan or outdoor grill should work just as well 🙂

Nutrition information per serving (1 burger with balsamic glaze and lettuce wrap): 154 calories, 2 g fat, 1 g saturated fat, 5 g carbohydrate, 1 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 27 g protein, 111 mg sodium

Serving suggestions:

Serve these with a side salad like our Colorful Detox Salad, Kale Salad with Roasted Delicata Squash, and Wild Blueberries with Wild Blueberry Vinaigrette or with Balsamic Brussels Sprouts, and try drinking it with our Minty Lime Iced Green “Flat Belly” Tea.

Can you freeze these burgers?

Want to have these burgers ready to go so you can just cook them up? Simply make the patties and keep them covered in the refrigerator for up to 4 hours before grilling or cooking.

These chicken burger patties can also be frozen! To do this, simply form the patties and layer them between parchment paper and place them in a freezer-friendly container. When you’re ready to use them, allow them to defrost in the refrigerator overnight. Then cook them on the grill, grill pan or sauté pan, as you see in the recipe directions.

We are so excited to partner with the Wild Blueberry Association of North America for this blog. They sponsored us but all opinions are our own, as always.

If you’d like help with weight loss meal planning and finding delicious foods that satisfy you while getting the health and body fat loss results you’d like, fill out this form here to find out about becoming a client & see how we can help you!

Xianlu, W. et al, Concentrations of Anthocyanins in Common Foods in the United States and Estimation of Normal Consumption, J. Agric. Food Chem 2006; 54:11. doi/abs/10.1021/jf060300l?journalCode=jafcau+




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