4 Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss

  December 18, 2022  |    Blog

As registered dietitians, one of our most popular requests is for healthy, easy weeknight dinner recipes for weight loss. After a long day, no one wants to waste hours on meal prep, yet they also don’t want to sabotage the effort they put into their workout routine and try to get a flat belly– we get it!

That’s why we’re sharing these simple, healthy dinner ideas that are ideal for and fit perfectly in any weight loss meal plan!

These 4 weight loss dinner recipes are quick to make, healthy, and require only a little easy meal prep. If you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas, here’s a healthy Mexican recipe, a healthy Chinese take-out recipe, an easy salmon recipe, and more.

Easy and delicious dinner recipes to keep your will strong!

1. Wild Blueberry Chicken Burgers

While most burgers aren’t great choices when you want to lose body fat, these sweet and savory juicy burgers can be whipped up quickly and are the perfect delicious ending to a stressful day. Each burger serves up 27 grams of satisfying protein to help stave off hunger for hours with only 150 calories—and that’s including balsamic glaze and a lettuce wrap.

Wild Blueberries are weight loss superstars—they have the phytonutrient C3G which increases adiponectin to enhance fat burning, while also increasing leptin, to suppress appetite. Go ahead and add a whole wheat bun and a huge heaping side of steamed veggies to up the fiber, antioxidants, and satisfaction even more. You’ll still have a satisfying weight-loss meal.

Get the recipe here.



2. Sheet Pan Salmon with Roasted Veggies

Simply toss everything on a sheet pan, roast it, and a low-calorie, satisfying ideal weight-loss dinner is served. In just 300 calories, this one-pan recipe serves up nearly 30 grams of satisfying protein, and nearly 8 grams of filling fiber, and with slow-digesting brown rice, it doesn’t deprive you of carbs, so you won’t be craving an energy-pick me-up and sugar an hour later.

Plus, it’s veggie and fiber-packed, and increasing veggie consumption means greater weight loss and greater hunger prevention. Use the lemon liberally since lemon’s polyphenols may help to suppress body fat accumulation and prevent obesity.


sesame tofu and broccoli recipe

3. Chinese Sesame Tofu and Broccoli Recipe

This lightened-up Chinese stir-fry recipe has less than half the calories of traditional take-out and you can whip it up faster than you can get your Chinese take-out delivered. And it’s got the makings for ultimate satisfaction since it’s got the powerful combination of 18 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, so you won’t be hungry soon after, raiding the pantry for a snack.

Plus, this recipe has other weight loss benefits: the soy isoflavones found in tofu may help to reduce body fat, while research also shows that broccoli’s sulforaphane may help you to lose weight.


4. Avocado and Lentil Vegan Tacos


Most people think that Mexican food is a calorie bomb, but when they get a craving, they can’t resist. But this meal breaks all of the rules– it’s healthy and delicious and you’ll get only a fraction of the calories that you’d get from the restaurant version. You can make this easy recipe in less time than it takes to drive to the Mexican restaurant.  Plus, these tacos are low-fat and vegan, and research shows that eating a low-fat, vegan diet increases weight loss and improves body composition, even more so than a Mediterranean diet.

Thanks to their combination of blood-sugar stabilizing protein and fiber, the lentils, avocado, and corn tortillas all play a part in fighting cravings. Additionally, lentils are an amazing source of slow-digesting carbohydrates that keep you feeling full and satisfied longer than other foods, even reducing calorie intake at your next meal.

These tacos are packed with fiber and contain a whopping 14 grams of fiber–  2 grams more than the average American gets in their entire day! Eating a diet that is high in fiber can reduce the calories you eat throughout the day, slow digestion, and promote fullness.


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4 Weight Loss Dinner Recipes with Easy Meal Prep with broccoli
These 4 weight loss dinner recipes are quick to make, healthy, and require only a little easy meal prep. If you’re looking for healthy dinner ideas, here’s a healthy Mexican recipe, a healthy Chinese take-out recipe, an easy salmon recipe, and more.

4 Easy Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

4 Easy Weight Loss Dinner Recipes with Lentil Tacos on plate
If you’re looking for easy weight loss dinner recipes then look no further, these healthy dinner recipes are perfect for your busy weeknight dinners when you’re tired and struggling to prepare a meal quickly. These require simple easy meal prep and make it easy for you to stick to a weight-loss meal plan.
4 Easy Weight Loss Dinner Recipes with vegetarian tacos in the background
These 4 easy weight-loss dinner recipes are the perfect healthy dinner recipes for busy weeknights. They’re simple to make and these healthy meal ideas include vegan meals and vegetarian meals, as well as meals with salmon and turkey.
4 Weight Loss Dinner Recipes with Easy Meal Prep and a turkey burger on lettuce
If you’re looking for easy healthy dinner ideas, these 4 dinner recipes with easy meal prep are perfect for your busy weeknight dinners. These healthy recipes are perfect for the entire family, even the kids will like them.

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