Easy Shoulder Exercise — Tone & Tighten At Home, No Equipment Needed

  April 22, 2015  |    Blog>Exercise

This exercise is so easy, yet so effective! Tammy does it when she doesn’t have time to get to the gym but needs to get those shoulders strong and looking tank-top ready! 😉 Watch the short video to see just how simple this exercise is!

And to get those tough-to-tone triceps (wow, that’s a tongue twister!) ready to go sleeveless, try this triangle push up!  You’ll strengthen and tone your chest, back and abs while you’re at it!

Lastly, to get bangin’ biceps so every part of your arms looks fab, try this bicep curl with tubing.


The cool part about this exercise is you don’t need any equipment at all!  It’s great when you’re in your traveling and in your hotel room or when you’re watching TV.  You can start practicing the exercise by doing it during the commercials.  When you feel the burn you know it’s working!

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