Easy Way to Burn Fat At Home! Step Up Switching Legs

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This is a simple way to burn fat at home–while blasting your butt and legs making them lean and firm!  Oh yeah!

Here’s how:

1. Simply find a bench about two feet high and step up and down, alternating the leading foot.  Be sure to keep your abs tight and engaged.

2. For more fat and calorie burning pump your arms as you step up and down.

3. That’s it!  Work  your way up to 20 minutes (or more–to burn more fat!)  while jamming out to music–of course, that makes it much more fun!

Oh and pssst… here are some answers to common questions:

  • If you don’t have a proper step or something that’s about 2 feet high, that’s ok, we’re all different heights anyway, so you can look for a step or bench that’s about the height of your mid to upper calf/ knee area.
    • If this is too challenging for you, you can start by using a stair on the bottom of the staircase.  If your balance if bad, the railing is there –your new bestie in case you need it. But only use the rail to help your balance, don’t use it to pull you up!
    • If you are worried about your balance and you aren’t using a staircase, simply stand next to the wall to step up to lean against if you feel unbalanced.


  • Light hand weights? Some people will want to get an arm workout while pumping those legs! We hear ya… but only do this if you are certain that your balance is good and that you will maintain proper form with your abs tight and engaged and without compromising the form elsewhere as you use the weights.


  • As for the speed to go, often it’s helpful to go with the tempo of the music and try to push yourself so that you can hold a conversation but so that you are also feeling challenged.  If you take your pulse or have a heart rate monitor you can use the general guideline below and aim to be in the target heart rate zone.  If you are in better shape go for the higher range–you’ll go faster and burn more calories.


  • Wondering how many calories you’ll burn? If you go for 20 minutes, depending on your size and the speed at which you go, you can burn as many as 150-275 calories!


  • AGE20 years Target HR Zone 50-85%100-170 beats per minute Average Maximum Heart Rate, 100%200 beats per minute
    30 years 95-162 beats per minute 190 beats per minute
    35 years 93-157 beats per minute 185 beats per minute
    40 years 90-153 beats per minute 180 beats per minute
    45 years 88-149 beats per minute 175 beats per minute
    50 years 85-145 beats per minute 170 beats per minute
    55 years 83-140 beats per minute 165 beats per minute
    60 years 80-136 beats per minute 160 beats per minute
    65 years 78-132 beats per minute 155 beats per minute
    70 years 75-128 beats per minute 150 beats per minute

Hello sexy bootays and happy tickers! 🙂

x & x

L & T

Lyssie & Tammy



Have fun and remember to always check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.

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