Game Changing Staples For Your Kitchen

  October 17, 2014  |    Blog

Everyone loves a little makeover from time to time. We revamp our hairstyles and our closets, but it seems like the kitchen food stash is always neglected. When was the last time you showed your pantry a little love? If your kitchen pantry is in need of some TLC, look no further. We have all the answers to get you on your way to a flavorful and nutritious kitchen and pantry. These are no-fail picks to have on hand and are the perfect items to bulk up the nutrition of your meals and add flavor while still being kind to the waistline. Having a solid inventory of superfoods and minimally processed staples will help keep you on track for all of your health goals, even on those nights when you think “Let’s just order pizza”, these goodies will help you whip up tasty, easy meals in no time. We are willing to bet they will even excite your taste buds so much, you will be saying “Sayonara!” to that stack of take-out menus.


Flavored Vinegar From balsamic and fruity raspberry, to our new love coconut vinegar, flavored vinegars are brilliant kitchen staples. Add a splash of these ultra-low-calorie flavors to your salads, veggies, lean proteins like fish and poultry, and healthy, high-fiber grains. You can also kiss creamy jarred dressings like ranch and heavy sauces like alfredo goodbye—along with their fat and calories—as you enjoy these vinegars on their own or add a teaspoon of olive oil, lemon and spices for a tasty twist.


Sardines In your grandmother’s or your mom’s pantry, tuna was likely the canned fish of choice, but sardines are the new tuna. With this staple superfood in your kitchen, you have a healthy protein to turn to at any time. With sardines you don’t have to worry about mercury like you do with tuna, nor do you have to fear PCBs like you do with salmon. These small fish are very low in both toxins, yet are packed with omega-3 healthy fats. Just like canned tuna, you can keep sardines around for a long time without worrying about them going bad, and the no-sodium-added variety packed in water is our go-to choice. Add lemon and fat-free feta and enjoy this combo on cucumbers or crispbread, or try adding them to eggs, tomato sauce or salad with a little bit of olive oil.

To see three more of the most serious game changers for your pantry, head over to our article on ACE fitness. With your kitchen stocked with these must-haves, you will be eating your way to a healthier you! The best part is you will never feel like you are sacrificing the enjoyment of food for the sake of your health. Now that is definitely a kitchen victory!

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