Thank you for being the most effective counselors a woman could ask for. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice. Once Again- your program is the most effective of anything I’ve ever used…and I’ve used a lot of them.

- Janice M., New York

I had seen Tammy and Lyssie on The Doctors and immediately bought their book. Everything they said made so much sense. I had been feeling unhappy with myself and felt bloated a lot. I reached out to them and they were so positive and encouraging and made me really believe that I could change. I signed up for a package and it was the best decision I ever made. I feel light and healthy and I don’t stress before I go out to meals with my family or with friends. I know what to order and when I eat at home, I actually know what to make even though I’m not much of a cook, they taught me easy, delicious things I can throw together quickly. Tammy and Lyssie changed my life! Thank you!

- Marissa B., New York

Lyssie and Tammy are knowledgeable, encouraging, and enthusiastic. It is remarkable how much they know about nutrition and exercise! They helped me meet my goals of losing baby weight, increasing my energy, and creating easy ways to be healthier and feel better. Lyssie and Tammy gave me practical and manageable ideas that I could implement into my life and manage in my hectic daily schedule. To date, years later, I continue the changes we made in my eating. They made the process fun! I even sent my husband to them for nutritional guidance. I am grateful for working with Lyssie and Tammy and recommend them! 

- Anna H., Yoga Teacher and Psychotherapist

Lyssie & Tammy are incredible problem solvers and so much fun to work with! Their methods are effective, easy to follow, and sustainable. The pounds slipped off easily and I didn’t feel like I was starving or compromising my love of food. I’ve learned so much from them, they’ve helped me change my attitude toward food and feel confident in my body and health again. They taught me the skills I needed to deal with emotional eating and how to strategize for everyday meals and obstacles. Lyssie and Tammy work hard for you and believe in you even on your most difficult days, they’re inspiring!

- Jupiter O., Texas

Working with Lyssie was the best choice I have ever made. After having 2 children and feeling completely out of shape & unhealthy I reached out to Lyssie. She instantly made me feel motivated, engaged and capable of achieving my goals. Reaching my goals was exhilarating … but the easy lifestyle changes were the best part of the experience. Lyssie advised making the simplest & smallest lifestyle changes that have had a lasting impact. I learned how to build the healthiest meals to fuel my body and how to maximize my time in the gym. After going through the process I feel like I’m in my 20’s again! I didn’t think I’d feel like that again! Changed my life. Looking forward to checking in with Lyssie with all of my continued progress and as a lifelong friend.

- Jen Bernstein, New York, NY

Once I reached my own personal plateau, The Nutrition Twins were wonderful in guiding me in new approaches to help me push past it and lose weight. The knowledge they provided me was essential for me to achieve long-term sustainable weight loss! And they showed me what sneaky foods had been getting in my way. Also, LOVE all the delicious recipes they have. Really great if you’re looking for healthy and tasty entrees.

- Kari Luu, California