15 Healthy Gift Ideas from Registered Dietitians

  December 12, 2020  |    Blog

If you’re still on the hunt for some great holiday gifts, here are our favorite health-inspired ones! You’ll see a wide range of prices depending on what you’re looking for. While we’re registered dietitians, we’re also certified fitness trainers and when it comes to healthy gift ideas, it’s more than what you put in your mouth and how you move your body–it’s your entire lifestyle that contributes to your health.

That’s why some of these gifts help you to make healthy behaviors easier (or more fun!). And in case you’re wondering what we’re getting each other, we’ve already got everything on this list (except for the last ones, which are services we provide!), so we don’t need anything! Our gift to each other is that we don’t have to get each other gifts (SCORE! 🙂 )

Here are our 15 healthy gift ideas: (Watch the video to learn more about why some of these gifts are so good) or read the article for the gift ideas and for discount links.


1.   Reusable Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

These 100% certified organic cotton, unbleached, reusable, biodegradable mesh produce bags are ideal for fruits and veggies. They come in a set of 10 of all different sizes and are foldable, super lightweight, and hand-or machine-washable.

We’ve been trying to do our part for a while to cut back on waste and this help cut back on the use of plastic bags—and without our food (and bodies!) absorbing the plastic as well! They have a lifetime warranty. $15.97 


2. Nutribullet Pro Plus:


If you’re looking for the quickest way to make a healthy smoothie, this is your ticket. We can’t get over how easy the blades are to clean (and they’re not dangerously sharp!)—and you can just toss it in the dishwasher.

We use it to make our smoothie creations like these our Kale Recharge Smoothie, Grapefruit “Detox” Smoothie, Metabolism Boosting Morning Green Smoothie, and our Creamy Banana Avocado Smoothie. $99.99

3. Zulay Premium Quality Metal Lemon Lime Squeezer


Buh bye bloat and salt, hello Zulay Lemon Squeezer. It’s amazing how a little fresh lemon and lime juice can fill in for bloating salt! Our fab friend, registered dietitian, and chef, Jackie Newgent, recommended this in an Eat This Not That article we were all quoted in—and we’ve been singing her praises ever since!

It makes getting fresh lemon/lime juice so easy and mess-free! Amp up the flavor of any meal with healthy nutrients for virtually zero calories! $18.99


4.  Masala Dhabba (Stainless Steel Spice Storage Box) 

If you’re trying to ramp up your anti-inflammatory kitchen with spices like turmeric, ginger, garlic, and cinnamon, just to name a few, this round stainless steel Indian spice box, also known as Masala Dhabba is a great addition.

Awesome way to provide easy access to the most commonly used spices. We find it’s helped us to use our favorites a lot more! For anyone who’d like to step up their anti-inflammatory health game, this is the place to start! $39.99 (Sale)


4. OXO Good Grips Y Peeler

We love this brand, always sturdy and dependable. And why do we love this peeler? You can peel backward and forwards and it makes peeling so easy. Time spent in our kitchen peeling healthy foods like ginger, turnips, and carrots, etc. is so fast now!  $9.99


5. Pique Tea Collections

We’re huge fans of this organic tea that helps to neutralize toxins, fight against disease (& the negative effects of aging), improve brain health, lessen anxiety & boost weight loss. It delivers up to 12x the antioxidants of regular tea. Its’ tea crystals are made of the highest quality tea leaves that are triple screened for pesticides, toxic mold & heavy metals commonly found in tea. We love how it easily dissolves in cold or hot water.

Pique Tea is the ONLY tea company we’ve found that displays all the measurable caffeine, l-theanine, and antioxidant levels of every single flavor, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body! It doesn’t have pesticides, including nylon, arsenic, and lead that many conventional tea bags have!

We like to build our own bundle! 8 cartons for $58. Use the code TWINS for 5% off your first order.


6. Uplift Gut Happy Cookies


These delicious cookies are actually good for you and your gut! Uplift Foods Gut Happy Cookies® are 100% powered by organic and non-GMO fruits and vegetables, including sweet white lupin, a prebiotic fiber-packed legume.

With only 4 grams of sugar and 14 grams of fiber per serving, these cookies have 1 billion CFUs of probiotics. You won’t believe that you’re actually eating nourishing ingredients like organic vitamin D-rich mushrooms, kiwi fruit, lupini beans, and organic Jerusalem artichoke!
Use code NUTRITIONTWINS for $5 off any order!

7. Simply Snackin’ 10-Piece Sampler


These delish sticks have become one of our favorite snacks when we need protein on the go. They make an awesome stocking stuffer too—they’re a tasty, low-calorie snack that staves off hunger (thanks to the protein!) and helps prevent the overeating that leads to weight gain.

You can toss these in a gym bag or purse without worrying that they’ll spoil. Low-carb & gluten-free. Sustainably raised & humanely handled chicken; 100% grass-fed beef, no antibiotics or hormones, 10 Piece Sampler, $24.99

Use promo code NUTRITIONTWINS – for an additional 10% off at http://simplysnackin.com/

8. Hu Chocolate Holiday Collection

We satisfy our sweet cravings with this organic vegan chocolate that as chocolate lovers, we gotta say is the good stuff—you’d never guess it was healthy (for a dessert!). It’s super rich and creamy, and it’s not junky chocolate filled with processed sugar, dairy, emulsifiers, and all sorts of other unhealthy additives.

This chocolate is made from REAL ingredients—like real cacao—70% dark chocolate. Organic house-ground cacao. Paleo/Primal, Vegan, & Dairy-Free, Hu Holiday Set: 4-pack of their most popular flavors: $25


9. Thrive Market Membership


This is where we’ve been buying many of our favorite healthy foods, cosmetics, and household products as well as many less common items, but for better prices—for years!  Thrive Market is an online membership-based retailer making the highest quality, healthy, natural and organic, and sustainable products available and affordable for everyone.

When you get a membership, Thrive donates one to a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder. We get excited when our Thrive shipments arrive—and you can too! Thrive Market Membership: $59.95/year. Use this link for 25% off your first order.


10. PYT Beauty


We love this clean & safe makeup line! We’re currently obsessed with too many of their products to count, but one of Lyssie’s favorites is the Day-to-Night Eyeshadow Palette, while Tammy’s daily go-to is the concealer stick and the Matte + Shimmer Bronzer.

Tammy’s daughters have permanently “borrowed” Tammy’s Gloss Bundle lip glosses, so that’s clearly what they recommend! 🙂 All PYT’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum & cruelty-free & hypoallergenic. Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette/ Cool $32. Use this link or the code Twins30 for 30% off sitewide.

11. Klean Kanteen


We both use this awesome water bottle in the 27-ounce size. For years we froze our plastic water bottles overnight and then we’d take them to the gym.

We know better now and love this durable and lightweight water bottle with a sports cap that we can simply take the lid off and drop ice cubes in. It’s great for working out, hiking, sipping at work, or taking in the car.

It’s stainless steel and uses a sustainable powder coat finish that is formulated to be safe for people and the planet. $31.98

12. Rollga Foam Roller 


Rollga sent this self-massage & trigger point release muscle roller years ago and we love it! We use it before and after working out to help to stimulate oxygen-rich blood flow and improve muscle mobility and flexibility.

We find that it really does contour to fit our body and target muscles better than our traditional foam roller (although we use them both for different reasons). This is super lightweight and can hold over 2000 lbs. $39.97

13. LifeFitness Treadmill Integrity Series


This is truly the best investment I, Tammy, ever made! It’s pricey but worth every penny! And if I want to see Lyssie I lure her over with my treadmill :), although as identical twins she already owns it since what’s hers is mine and what’s mine is hers!

I purchased this baby over 10 years ago and use it nearly every day. I feel so lucky to have it when the weather is bad and I can’t get outside to exercise.

There is a major sale going on right now! Although I bought mine new, you’ll notice that it’s nearly half price if you purchase a used model. And there are other great brands and models too, but I love this one! $7,465.00 new, $3,499.00 used. (Keep in mind, I use mine for intervals and intense sprints, so if you’re just using yours for walking or jogging you won’t need something so heavy-duty.)

14. 3-Month Nutrition Coaching Package, One-on-One with us, The Nutrition Twins!


If you’ve been working to balance eating the foods you love and losing quarantine pounds, we’re here for you! We’ll help you to achieve sustainable weight loss while eating your favorite foods. No more yo-yo dieting!

Investing in our program is truly the best gift you can give to yourself to make this year your BEST year yet.

Fill out this form here to find out about becoming a client & see how we can help you!

Jupiter did it and you can too!


15.  Our FREE gift to you! Our Guide to Get You The Body You Want while Eating the Foods You Love!

Just click here to receive the download.

Wishing you & yours a healthy, happy, and safe holiday!

Tammy and Lyssie

Some of the items in this list are affiliate links in which we make a small percentage of the sale.

















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