It’s Freebie Friday!- Yasso Greek Frozen Yogurt

  May 16, 2012  |    Blog


When summer temperatures rise, willpower for frozen sweet treats tends to decrease. Your waistline may not be the only thing affected by this summertime trend. Sweltering temps combined with excessive sugar and fat set the stage for sluggish energy levels. While we cannot control the weather, we can help you beat the heat, get bathing suit ready, and stay energized thanks to our newest food find Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt. Delish!

While most freezer aisle novelties are packed with excessive calories, sugar and fat, Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt has only 70 calories, 11-12 grams of sugar, and are fat free!

We also love this added bonus: each creamy bar is individually wrapped, reducing the incidence of over-eating ‘food-comas.’ Hopefully, you have never experienced this, but if you’re like 99% of us, you have!

Since this is frozen Greek yogurt (not just frozen yogurt) , each bar is jammed with 6 grams satiety promoting protein, keeping you full and energized long after you’ve finished.

Chock-full of probiotics, calcium and phytonutrients, Yasso provides a refreshing and convenient way to obtain all the benefits of Greek yogurt—no spoon needed!

Want to win a Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt goodie bag?

Leave a comment here, on our Facebook page or on twitter using the hashtag #NTYasso and tell us which flavor sounds best to you—Strawberry, Blueberry, or Raspberry—and be entered to win a Yasso goodie bag with free coupons and other swag!

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