4 ways to lower cortisol and reduce belly fat

  February 21, 2022  |    Blog


If you’ve ever wondered if there really is anything that you can do to fight stubborn fat around your midsection, you may be relieved to know that as registered dietitians, we’re sharing 4 ways to lower cortisol & reduce belly fat. What our clients love about these tips is they are easy to incorporate into their healthy daily routines.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight and lessen belly fat or get your body to function better and lessen inflammation, when you help your body to calm down on the inside, these fall into place.

Many of the clients who come to see us are struggling to manage stress and it’s elevating their cortisol and making them gain weight, especially around the midsection.

Cortisol (aka the stress hormone & the belly-fat hormone) rises during stressful times and increases cravings and halts fat burning.

We have many ways to help our clients to better regulate their cortisol levels and reduce belly fat.

Here are 4 fabulous nutrients, herbs, and spices to help control cortisol levels & prevent weight gain that comes with stress.

Ceylon Cinnamon

This awesome spice makes fat burning more efficient by helping to counteract the blood sugar-raising effects of stress & cortisol. Cinnamon may also boost metabolism, prevent hunger and cravings & has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to help keep cortisol levels down. We add cinnamon to apples & make a healthy “apple pie.”


This herb is great for reducing anxiety and lowering cortisol. It helps to take the edge off so that your body can leave the fight or flight mode and start restoring peace so that it can start efficiently burning fat again.

Lemon Balm

This soothing herb takes the edge off & lowers stress and cortisol. It may reduce depression and it’s great for insomnia. Try brewing 2-3 bags of lemon balm tea or take it as a supplement.  Or add some liquid extract to water and even take it in the middle of the night if you’re tossing and turning.

Vitamin C is a rock star at helping the body to cope with stress. It regulates cortisol & helps the entire adrenal system combat stress. Great food sources of vitamin C are strawberries, bell peppers, citrus fruit, tomatoes, and broccoli, which help lower inflammation to keep cortisol at bay.

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We support our clients by taking a deep dive and examining their health, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. We look at:

  • Medical history
  • Hormones
  • Blood sugar
  • Mood
  • Hunger and Satiety Cues
  • What you’re eating and what’s contributing to these factors

When we work with you, all of these factors help to give us a full picture of what’s happening so that we can truly understand your individualized needs and create a specialized plan for you and only you.

We get to the root to discover what will work best for your long-term weight loss success and then we guide and support you through the process.

So let’s explore how we can help you to achieve permanent weight loss— you can achieve your dreams & eat foods you love, we promise!

Among many things, we help our clients to body’s to function better– they better fight disease, and their metabolism is more efficient. We also help them to lose weight without feeling deprived. 

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