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  May 26, 2015  |    Blog>Giveaway

Do you often find yourself craving more and overeating even after you’ve finished a meal?  If so, you’re not alone!  We too, at times have felt this way.  We were sent MealEnders to try to put the kibosh on this feeling, and now we can’t wait for you to try them too!  Today may be your lucky day!  That’s because you could win a 3 month supply of MealEnders!

MealEnders are great-tasting, low-calorie, stimulant-free Signaling Lozenges, made to help keep you from overeating. MealEnders stops cravings from your appetite and mind by utilizing physical and psychological cues.


Here’s how they work:

MealEnders help you to Eat Less and Cut Calories in 3 Easy Steps

When you’re craving more, but know you shouldn’t, reach for a MealEnders Signaling Lozenge.

Savor your MealEnder, allowing it to completely dissolve in your mouth.

Feel Meal Enders’ active taste sensations go to work instantly, clearing cravings from your mouth and mind.


Two Layers

MealEnders are made of two layers, the first, Reward Layer, which is sweet, gives you a sweet tasteThis is like the dessert at the end of the meal.  The second layer, Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer, gives a “gentle, cool tingling sensation” which contracts the trigeminal nerve. This nerve helps to distract your mind from wanting to overeat.


Wondering how it Works?

MealEnders targets the mind’s attention. The triggering of engaging the trigeminal nerve, the body and mind are occupied for around twenty minutes. This is the amount of time which people tend to overeat, known as the Overeating Zone. Giving your body twenty minutes after a meal allows your satiety process to kick in which triggers your mind to tell you that you are full.


MealEnders come in four different flavors: Cinnamon, Citrus, Chocolate Mint, and Mocha. (Our fave is the Chocolate Mint!) Each Signaling Lozenge is a little smaller than a peppermint, with only 15 calories each.

Want to be entered into the raffle to win the giveaway?  Simply tell us what flavor you’d like to try in our comments below or on our Facebook page or tweet it to @NutritionTwins and  use #MealEnders Before June 10th.

Good luck!


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