Oats My Gosh!

  December 8, 2014  |    Blog




Alright, we admit it, we can’t help but be a little cheesy when it comes to our oats, but Oats my gosh!–they’re pretty awesome!  Whether we’re eating them at breakfast (hello Loaded Overnight Oatmeal!) , using them in our cookies (mornin’ 5-Minute Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies!) or in one of our pancake recipes, one our top breakfasts includes oats. Our clients feel so satisfied after a breakfast with oatmeal (and so do we!).  Thanks to the quality, fiber-packed carbohydrates which swell in the stomach to take up space, the oats provide a gradual release of energy.  You just can’t go wrong!

So when we saw this infographic, we thought it summed up a lot of why we love oats, in a photo. Enjoy!



This infographic was created by Quaker. We love working with companies that help teach people about health!

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