One Legged Lunges

  December 2, 2013  |    Blog>Exercise

Hello Firm Bootay!! Who doesn’t love toned legs and a firm booty? One of our favorite ways to get them—one-legged lunges! They’re a challenging twist on the classic lunge and you’re sure to feel the burn!


How to:

  • For this exercise, you will need the flat surface of a bench or chair (a couch will work too!)
  • Stand about 2 feet away and face away from the bench.
  • Starting with your right foot, extend it back onto the bench.
  • Using your left leg, bend down into lunge position.

–  Your left knee should be bent in a 90 degree angle.
–  Be careful not to let your knee go past your toes!

  • Use your left leg to lift yourself back up to starting position with your right leg still extended on the flat surface behind you—and that’s one rep!

–  Complete 10 reps.

  • Switch legs and repeat!

–  Complete 10 reps.

  • That’s one set—try 3 sets!

*Challenge yourself: hold dumbbells in each hand!

Ahhh, yaaas! Firmer bootays and hamstrings unite!

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