One Legged Sit-Back-N-Squat

  April 15, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

We’re back with ways to amp-up your work out with the resistance band! This move, also used in TRX, is great for toning the glutes and quads—and with summer right around the corner, who doesn’t want sexy legs? What’s even better about this exercise—it incorporates balance and core strength! It’s a challenging one for sure, but you’ll be glad you did it! Hello Bubble Bootay!


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How to:


1.  Firmly secure the middle of your resistance band at the top of your door.

  • You should have hold of both handles.


2. Step far enough away from your door so that there is tension in the resistance band.


3.   Hold the handles at chest height, arms slightly bent.


4. Here’s where it gets challenging—extend your left leg forward so that it is in front of you without touching the group and begin to squat with your right leg.


5. Use the tension in the resistance band for balance & don’t forget to engage your core!


6. Squat down as far as back as you can—butt out!

  • Pretend you are sitting back into a chair (if it helps, place a chair behind you)!


7. Lift up—and that’s one!


Try doing 10 squats (or as many as you can) on each leg!

Repeat 2-3 sets.


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