Resistance Band Woodchoppers

  June 20, 2014  |    Blog>Exercise

Break out that resistance band and get your body in gear! Woodchoppers are great for tightening and toning the obliques—the muscles that run down the sides of your abdomen. While the abdominal muscles get most of the attention, it is important to train evenly! In fact, the obliques function when you exhale and rotate your trunk, so yeah, they’re important too! Woodchoppers can be done at home using a resistance band or at the gym using a cable. Say hello to tight abs from all angles!


How to:

  • Tightly secure one end of a resistance band towards the top of a door.
    • The more band secured behind the door, the more tension.
  • Stand with your right side to the door.
  • Hold the free end of the resistance band in both hands and stretch arms overhead.
  • Keeping your abs engaged, in one smooth motion, pull the resistance band across your body and down towards your left knee.
    • Don’t be stiff—bend at the knees and twist at the waist!
  • Slowly return to starting position and that’s one rep!
    • Repeat 3 sets of 10 reps on each side.
  • And remember, keep your core engaged throughout the entire exercise!


Is that your tummy we see, or a rock?!

Note: This exercise can also be done with a dumbbell.

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