Reverse Plank with Kick For Sexy, Toned Abs

  February 13, 2015  |    Blog>Exercise

This is the Reverse Plank with A Kick.  It’s an awesome way to get your abs toned and flat.  You can even do it at home, while you’re watching TV. Oh yeah! Hello Sexy Abs! 😉



Here is the basic position which is still a great ab toner if you decide not to include the kick.  Just be sure to keep your abs tight and pulled in and keep your body in a straight line without letting your butt sag or your hips go too high.


Doing this move regularly makes you look like you’re sucking in your tummy even when you’re not! Oh yeah!  🙂

Oh–and most of you likely know what we do to feel our best and for those of you who asked for more of the smoothies, this is for you! 🙂 In addition to starting our day by exercising and drinking a large glass of water, on days when we want an extra lift, we also have one of our refreshers like our Kale Recharge Smoothie, Sparkling Cucumber and Refresh Detoxer, or we go for one of our smoothies that use the Easiest Way To Get our Greens — or when we feel like we want a fresh start after eating foods that we don’t typically eat, we go for this Apple Cider Vinegar Mint “Detox” Drink, that we just added to our list!


If crunches or sit-ups aren’t working for you and seem to be making your abs pooch out, you may wonder why. (And you’ll especially appreciate this move above!).

Why? Two reasons–1) you may rely on hip flexors more than your abs when you do crunches; this tightens & shortens them, forcing the hips to tilt forward, so your stomach pouches out.  With planks, you focus on your abs, pulling them in and assisting in the flat belly your after.  2) Crunches and sit-ups can build muscle under a layer of fat, making your pants look and feel even tighter.   (sip this throughout

For tips to reduce body fat, read our blog, try our recipes and drink our “detox” drinks like this hot number Slimming Raspberry Mint Detox Spritzer throughout the day and before meals to busts cravings, fight belly bloat and constipation and to  helps you to eat less and lose fat.


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