Scrumptious Shape-up Smoothie Contest

  April 1, 2014  |    Blog

The Nutrition Twins and Brothers-All-Natural have teamed up! We are looking for the tastiest, healthiest smoothie in America!!



We are kicking off Spring with a mission to find the healthiest, most nutrition-packed, energizing, scrumptious, get-your-butt-moving smoothie in America!


Join us and get ready for Spring and ALL THINGS SMOOTHIE!!  Are you a Vita-mixing master, a Nutri-blasting goddess,  a smoothie-blending diva, a nutritious-beverage Ninja, or simply the creator of an amazing smoothie that is packed with flavor and nutrition? Then show off your recipe and WIN PRIZES!


In addition to the prizes below, the TOP 50 FINALISTS will have their recipes included in an ebook titled “50 Scrumptious Shape-up Smoothie Recipes” and featured on both Brothers-All-Natural and The Nutrition Twins website and social media!  Make sure you sign up to get the FREE SMOOTHIE RECIPE EBOOK! 

GRAND PRIZE:  1 winner will receive:

veggie cure and gift card

SECOND PLACE:  3 winners will receive:

  • A copy of The Veggie Cure by The Nutrition Twins
  • A $50 Gift Certificate to

veggie cure and 24-pack of fruit crisps

THIRD PLACE:  10 winners will receive:

  • A copy of The Veggie Cure by The Nutrition Twins
  • A 24-Pack Variety of Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps

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Recipes will be judged on the following criteria:

40 points:  Taste/flavor
40 points:  Nutrition
20 points:  Presentation (Name & image)

Smoothie-Boosting BONUS POINTS (optional)

Earn up to 10 additional points by using B-A-N Fruit Crisps and item(s) from the Nutrition Twins list of 10 Super Smoothie Ingredients:

5 BONUS points:
  Use of Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps:

Freeze-dried Fruit Crisps

Add one or more 1/2 cup bag of Fruit Crisps for 5 extra points.  Benefits of using Fruit Crisps in your smoothie:
  • Each pouch adds two servings of fruit without adding to the volume
  • All natural 100% fruit
  • Concentrated flavor and sweetness that is low in calories
  • Dry – does not water down smoothie and can be used as a thickening agent
  • Easy to store; longer shelf life than fresh fruit
Fruit Crisps are allergy-friendly; gluten free, soy free, peanut/tree nut free, vegan, and OU Kosher certified. View/print Fruit Crisps nutritional information

Use coupon code GOSMOOTHIE10 to receive 10% off any Fruit Crisps for the contest! (Optional)



5 BONUS points:  Use of item(s) from the Nutrition Twins 10 Super Smoothie Ingredients List:

  1. Chia Seeds:  Rich in Omega-3s and keep you feeling full longerNutrition-twins
  2. Flax Seeds:  Loaded with fiber and Omega-3s
  3. Low fat or Non fat Yogurt:  Good source of protein & calcium
  4. Kale:  Low in calories, high in fiber & iron, assists the liver in detoxification
  5. Spinach:   Loaded with vitamins, minerals, potassium and water to help restore normal fluid balance and beat the bloat;   high in fiber and good source of iron
  6. Cucumbers:  Good source of vitamin C and B vitamins, rehydrates body, and replenishes daily vitamins
  7. Green Tea:  Rich in antioxidants
  8. Berries (Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries): packed with fiber, anti-inflammatories and C3G, a powerful antioxidant that increases the body’s fat-burning
  9. Beets:  Energy boost and increased stamina; important in both phases of the body’s detoxification systems
  10. Cacao Nibs:  Contain antioxidants; chocolate flavor helps reduce sugar cravings

The contest closes April 30.  Winners will be announced and notified May 5, 2014

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smoothie contest pdf

View/print smoothie contest details


Even if you don’t enter the contest, you can still get a FREE copy of the ebook “50 Scrumptious Shape-up Smoothie Recipes” which will contain the top 50 smoothie recipes from the contest!

smoothir recipes ebook




Tips to KEEP IT HEALTHY:  A smoothie is NOT a milkshake!

Smoothies can be an easy, convenient way to add essential nutrients to your diet.   But remember, just because it’s a smoothie doesn’t mean it’s healthy.  Make sure you use only healthy, nutrient-rich ingredients:

  • Avoid adding heavy items with artery clogging components like ice cream, cream, or whole milk
  • Avoid using sugar-sweetened fruit juice and limit other sweeteners, including honey and agave, to a teaspoon
  • Although nut butters are healthy, keep portions in check as their calories add up quickly.
  • Give your smoothie a nutritional boost with a long-lasting energy advantage; include some fruit, some vegetable and  a source of protein (such as nonfat/low-fat yogurt, skim milk, split pea protein, etc, etc.)  Refer to the Nutrition Twins Super Smoothie Ingredients List in the Bonus Points section.

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