Snacking with the New KIND Healthy Grain Clusters

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If you ask our childhood friends who we grew up with what their favorite thing to eat at our house was they’d say our mom’s nutritious homemade granola. Nowadays this makes us smile because we describe our parents basically as having been hippies (minus the drugs!), so our mom making her own wholesome, nutrient-packed, delicious granola from scratch is quite fitting!


By the time we went to college we realized that if we wanted to buy a granola that tasted like our mom’s, from a health perspective, it was the opposite– usually loaded with sugar, hydrogenated oils or preservatives—and incredibly high in calories. This meant that for years when we’d go home to visit our parents, we had to get our granola fill.


We never really found a granola that we felt good about eating, aside from our mom’s—until several years ago when we found KIND’s Healthy Grains Clusters, which rocked our granola-loving world!


We couldn’t believe that finally, just like our mom’s granola, with KIND, you can actually see the ingredients in the cereal. One of our favorite parts about KIND Healthy Grains Clusters is the delicious clusters which are made from wholesome 100% whole grain ingredients like oats, brown rice, millet, gluten free oat flour, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa. So each 50g serving provides more than one full serving of whole grains. And instead of hydrogenated oils they use canola oil (just like our Mom’s!), how awesome! We love that they form unique clusters that make them perfect for snacking on, or sprinkling over yogurt or with milk. And we have to admit that even our health nut mom would be impressed to see whole grains like amaranth and quinoa!


Although it’s hard to resist simply plucking a cluster from the bag and snacking on it, more often than not, we make delicious snacks with them. Here are a few of our favorite recipes with KIND.


Snacking with the New KIND Healthy Grain Clusters


I. KIND Fruit & Nut Apple-nini (as in Panini)

1 medium apple of any kind, sliced horizontally
Nut Butter, ½ TBSP per slice of apple
KIND Fruit & Nut Protein Clusters

II. KIND Raspberry & Chia Apple bites
1 medium apple of any kind, triangular slices
Dark chocolate
KIND Raspberry & Chia Low Fat Clusters


1. Cut apple in half and make 8 slices of apple
2. Cut the core out and make a flat surface
3. Dip the flat surface into melted dark chocolate
4. Sprinkle KIND Fruit & Nut Clusters on top of the dark chocolate
5. Place into refrigerator for 5 min or until chocolate solidify
6. Enjoy

III. KIND Banana Nut on A Stick
1 medium Banana
KIND Banana Nut Low Fat Clusters


1. Cut a peeled banana into 2 halves
2. Place a skewer into each of the sections
3. Dip the banana into yogurt
4. Sprinkle KIND Banana Nut onto the banana-yogurt stick
5. Place into freezer for 15 min
6. Enjoy


For more information about KIND, please check out their website  and follow them on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest


The Nutrition Twins work with KIND to help people make healthier choices.


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