Skinny Spinach Artichoke Dip Bites

  June 19, 2015  |    Appetizer

This is for all of you chip and dip lovers! When we were in high school, we’d often go to Houston’s with our closest friends who were obsessed with the Spinach and Artichoke Dip.  They each would get a full order for themselves (oh those were the days…when calories didn’t catch up with you and …

Skinny White Bean Dip

  December 17, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes

If you have an upcoming holiday party and wonder what healthy dish you can bring for the host or serve at your own party, we’ve got just your answer! Since we often find that if we can bring/ have one healthier option available at a party, then at least we know we can eat that …


  February 27, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes

For all of you who have been requesting a delicious dip for your veggie crudité, your prayers have been answered!  And for those of you have been asking for suggestions for snacks with protein, we’ve got something for you too! Not only did we find a fabulous dip that keeps the calories in check with …

Black Bean Balsamic Hummus

  February 23, 2014  |    Blog>Recipes

We love hummus!  And even we’ve gotta admit that sometimes you just want a twist on the traditional version–and this one delivers.  And it’s so easy to make, it’ll only take a few minutes before it hits the spot!  Enjoy! 😉