Orange Mint Iced Green “Flat- Belly” Tea

  January 22, 2018  |    Blog>Recipes>"detox" drinks/ water infusions

Helloooo yummy flat-belly number! Well, what were you waiting for? That’s exactly what we asked ourselves—what took us so long to create this powerful and delicious number?! After all, we’ve created so many bloat-fighting “detox” drinks (hiya Cucumber Blueberry Water Flush, Lemon Ginger Turmeric Tea “Detox”,  Lemon Ginger Detox drink and  Vitamin C Infused “Detox” Water) …

Grapefruit Rosemary Detox Infusion

  April 1, 2015  |    Blog>Recipes

Do you want to flush out your system after an overindulgence and immediately get your mind and body back on the healthy track? Well then look no further! As you probably know, living in the very social New York City, our clients at times come to us after a night or weekend of social engagements …

A Cup of Facts About Tea in 5 Minutes

  February 14, 2014  |    Blog

This infographic was created by Jesse Hernandez. Jesse founded The Headlock to help teach the powerful combination of mind and fitness. The free eBook, The Minimalist Guide to Peak Fitness shows you the three pillars to optimal fitness!