The Number One Question We Get about Exercise…

  February 28, 2014  |    Blog

You may have already guessed it because it’s likely yours too!  It’s how to stay motivated to exercise.  After all, if you’re having the winter workout blues, you’re not alone!  Most people tell us that often they feel their workout has become blah and un-enjoyable and getting to the gym or heading out for a run is the biggest part of the battle.  So how do you bust out of this rut?


You simply need to spice up your humdrum routine—keep it fresh sista (and brotha!)

1.      Pretty up that Playlist!:  That same song “We are the Champions” that used to keep us going back when we played on our soccer team, doesn’t quite get our blood flowing the way it used to. We all need to update and beautify our playlist.

Music at a certain tempo can boost your motivation and reduce the feeling that you are putting in so much effort. Put on a song where you love the beat and sync your moves to the tempo and you’ll have a better workout. (You don’t even need the proven research to show you that!) Bring on the Beyonce!

2.      Get a Workout Buddy:  On the weekends, Lyssie always meets with a friend to workout. It makes getting that workout in not only more fun, but it holds you accountable. Plus, having a workout buddy can push you and motivate you to actually do the workout and perform to the best of your ability – which may be more than you thought!

3.      Break a Sweat in the Great Outdoors:  By now you’ve seen our philosophy and know how we feel about getting some good ole’ fresh air—it’s just so great for your body—and spirit! It can make you feel more energized, and it’s been shown to boost mood and self-esteem!  Meet ya on the Central Park Loop!

4.      Take Record of Your Activity: One of the things that suprises our clients the most is when they look back and notice how much they’ve improved.  Small daily changes may not motivate you but when you look back to where you started, this alone is much more impressive than you typically realize and will motivate you!

Tracking your physical activity can help you to see where you could improve and where you can change up your routine and have even better results. Start a fitness journal today!

5.      Make it 6 out of 7: Of course it’s super important to work out, but it’s equally important to have a recovery day! Keep in mind, you come back stronger and your body heals itself on your day off.  You come back feeling refreshed.  Even on your rest day you want to keep your body moving (don’t sit at your desk or on your couch all day!) – our bodies are meant to be in motion! So simply stroll around the neighborhood or try simple yoga poses to keep the blood and oxygen flowing so you feel awake and alive!

6.      Go Back to Basics – Again: Sure we all say we know the basics of everything, but if it’s been quite some time since your last run session – start from scratch. Start out slowly and work your way up to harder and more intense workouts until you’re back to your stellar shape!

7.      Don’t Forget about Nutrition: You’ve heard it before, but it’s true! Nutrition is equally, if not more important than exercise. Focus on the foods you should eat more of (veggies, more veggies and fruits and beans!) rather than those you want to avoid.  This way, you’ll be so busy trying to include the good stuff that you’ll forget about those cookies!  Consider keeping a food diary to help!

8.      Get Your Zzzzs: The amount of sleep you get can impact how hard and how long you actually work out! When you’re tired, you can’t work out as hard or as long.  DVR Jimmy Fallon so you can watch it the next day. And good news!  Exercising has been found to increase sleep quality – so it’s a win-win!

 And stay tuned for the how-to’s of the exercises we’re doing in the photo above!

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