Tricks and Treats for a Happy, Guilt-Free Halloween!

  October 30, 2014  |    Blog

Let’s face it—who doesn’t want to indulge without breaking the calorie bank? We certainly do!

Here are some of our favorite guilt-free tricks and treats—and for fewer than 100 calories!

 Halloween Candy


  1. The best mini candy option? 3 musketeers have only 24 calories per mini!.
  1. Small Twix = 80 calories per bar!
  1. A true Halloween staple– one pack of fun size M&Ms has 90 calories.
  1. It may not be Christmas where you hope to get a kiss under the mistletoe, but this is one kiss that you won’t regret in the morning! One kiss is just 22 calories. So if you have the option between regular M&Ms and Hershey kisses, go with the kiss every time!
  1. Beware: sugar free. While they may have less sugar, they often will still rack up fat and calories. Sneaky Spooky!


Happy Halloween!




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