We Walk Everywhere- Thanks to our Juil Flats!

  February 14, 2014  |    Blog


You know us—and we’re all about ENERGY! If you think that what you wear on your feet doesn’t affect your energy levels, think again. To be able to feel energetic, your feet need to feel good!

The company Juil is redefining the “sole” of footwear. Their collection helps you to connect with the earth and ground and includes flats (like the ones we are wearing above- love ’em!), sandals, flip-flops, and clogs for both men and women. The design of the footwear is light, ergonomic, and mimics barefoot walking. Juil footwear conforms to the natural shape of your foot and provides long-lasting comfort so you will no longer be in a rush to remove your shoes after a long day! Check them out here www.Juil.com.

They sent us a pair and we feel so lucky! And our feet are so happy! They fit our feet like gloves (or maybe we should say socks? Or slippers?…oh, you know what we mean, they fit us perfectly! ). One of our other favorite parts about the flats is that they’re so versatile– they can be worn very casually or for dressier outfits.

Juil’s products allow you to better connect to the Earth and absorb its natural electrons. The secret ingredient in the footwear that enables you to better absorb more energy from the Earth is a compound copper conductor in it. Check out their technology and experience it for yourself! www.Juil.com Let us know what you think!

Do you already have a pair of Juils? If not, which pair looks the best to you?

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