q Fun Facts - Nutrition Twins

Some Personal Insider Info…

Okay. So we already offered up to you our official professional bio. Now here are some of our personal insider stories about us. These are some fun facts that shaped our lives.

We grew up in a household where our parents thought it was important to live a healthy lifestyle. They tried to instill the same in us. Both of our parents were basically hippies – minus the drugs!

Our Mom was very aware of raising us with a natural and wholesome focus, making sure we got all the nutrients we needed. Translation? Our Mom made everything from scratch! She loved to have us (one on each side of her apron) help her cook in the kitchen. And we tended to enjoy this too–especially when we’d help her to make her homemade granola–which didn’t often end up making it to the oven–we’d eat most of it first.:)

Meanwhile, our Dad was very athletic. We loved trying to do whatever he was doing! Basically, we followed in his sneaker footsteps. As kids, we spent our days running around in the backyard or playing in the creek. As time passed, we started playing soccer, speed skating, and running. We loved sports of all kinds.

The best of two worlds

When we weren’t at home, surrounded by home-cooked healthful goodies, we confess we often ate like kids let loose in a candy store. We experimented with a lot of sugary and processed foods. Each time, we’d feel lousy afterward.

After a while, we discovered that not following our Mom’s healthy advice made us feel exhausted and very uncomfortable in our gut. We’d come home feeling bloated, ready to crash, and wanting to nap.

Basically, we witnessed firsthand and first-gut the power that the right food has on athletic performance, mental clarity, energy levels – and just making you look and feel your best.

After a lot of repeated unhealthy food mishaps, we eventually became hooked on healthy. We learned just how influential choosing the right foods can be for completely improving our energy, athleticism, and mood – and making us feel and move at our best!

Eventually, we realized: “WOW! It would be terrific to feel and move at our highest level all of the time! Hmmm…I guess we should want to eat healthfully all the time!”

And so we became curious to learn as much as we could about nutrition and fitness…and here we are today…The Nutrition Twins!

More fun facts…

  • We have kept the doctor away!

We’ve eaten an apple practically every day since high school.

  • Long-life fun facts — double the fun!

As toddlers when asked how people could tell us apart, Lyssie would say “I like Cabbage”. (Tammy liked cabbage too).

  • We started our first business at age 7

It was the TML Co. (Tammy, Mary [our best friend and previous owner of Snikiddy® —healthy snacks and now owner of PYT Beauty] Lyssie Co.). It was an odd job company and when people would come to the door we’d hold our sign and let our sign scroll down to our feet.

It said “WE DO” – then listed everything – from gardening to lawn mowing to silverware polishing! Oddly our neighbors weren’t afraid to let their little 7-year-old neighbors mow their lawns or pull weeds/ trees from their yards. Go figure!

  • Signs in the universe

Fun facts, documented! Documents from High School reveal that when classmates were asked what they thought we’d do one day, they said we’d own a health food store.

  • Organic fun now, then… always!

In high school, we’d each eat an entire bin of organic raisins or organic dates from the health food co-op. Afterward, we’d go running for miles to train for soccer. We rarely ever got a cramp. Tammy was the raisin girl. Lyssie went for the dates or dried plums (aka prunes).

  • Actions speak louder than coaches

We grew up living and breathing soccer although we started off the very worst on the team.

  • Laughs, laughs everywhere

As kids, we called ourselves the laughing hyenas because we giggled so much. We’d lose control and find ourselves rolling on the floor laughing – which simultaneously horrified us – because we were germaphobes!

  • Happy Meal – with no fries? How funny is that!

We STILL remember when we were five years old and we were on a road trip. We begged our parents to stop at McDonald’s. Finally, they agreed to stop! We were so excited! We insisted our mom remember to get fries—and she “forgot” them!

  • Please, please, pleeaase… rain on my parade!

Family vacations were camping and hiking growing up—but we secretly hoped for rain so we could stay in a hotel and use their pool!

  • Another man’s treasure… at double-entry!

We have an older brother who was happy that we were picky eaters as kids – because it meant more good stuff for him.

  • Friends are the bacon bits in the salad bowl of life

Our best friend (Mary) used to wait for us at our door with her nose pressed against the screen for us to finish dinner and we’d sneak her our salad.

  • Double Check!

We typically end up running to most places we need to go—not because we want to—just because we need to make sure we get there on time.

  • Into the bargain!

Tammy has twin daughters that we call “The New Twins on The Block”. Fun facts of life!

  • Sweet chocolate

Guilty Pleasure: ANYTHING chocolate (yep, anything!)… hot chocolate, frozen chocolate, double chocolate brownies, double dipped chocolate pretzels, double chocolate chip cookies… sign us up!

  • When being picky evolves into being a foodie…

Most important meal of the day: We don’t discriminate—we like them all—and definitely used to eat them all! Although these days after examining our genetic pathways, we’ve discovered that some intermittent fasting is important for us!

  • You know you’ve been doing a good job when…

2 proud Mom moments of Tammy’s: 1) When her daughter was six and told her she’d been “working on something.” She dragged Tammy into her room and showed Tammy… 4 (seemingly effortless) pull-ups that she did from the top bar of her bunk bed. 2) When her twins were 7 they were fighting over who was going to drink the pepper “juice” from the glass container. Sure they were fighting, but over the pepper juice?!?! 🙂