We cater to the hectic schedules of corporate employees, sports teams and other groups by coming on-site to provide nutrition services. You can select from a wide variety of seminars and on-going programs. We also travel to New York City corporations to provide nutrition consultations at health fairs.



Need to provide your office or group with nutrition and wellness information from an engaging and experienced speaker? Get two for the price of one with the Nutrition Twins® Seminars! Get ready for an informative and fun session that will leave your group armed with tools to reach their goals and live their best lives.


Nutrition Lunch-and-Learns

Bring the twins to your office door with a nutrition lunch-and-learn! We will come to your office and provide your team with the program of your choice. Choose from any one of our popular programs or we can develop a custom program for your office.

  • Avoiding the Holiday Bulge
  • How to Cut Cholesterol
  • Smart + Delicious Food Choices
  • Making Peace with Stress

Sports Nutrition Program

This two-day program is a favorite of high school, collegiate, and professional sporting teams, as well as corporations with employees who participate in after-work, company-sponsored sporting events. Participants will learn...

  • How to fuel appropriately for fitness
  • Tips for eating before and after exercising
  • Sport supplement evaluation for efficacy and health risk

Nutrition for a New York Night

This two-day program is ideal for any New Yorker. Whether participants work or play into the wee hours of the night, it will teach them how to do so healthfully.

  • Strategies for “desktop dining”
  • Playing vending machine roulette
  • Dining in and dining out
  • Tips for socializing at cocktail parties and the bar scene

One-On-One Nutrition Consultations

If you want to give your employees personalized attention, our one-on-one counseling sessions are highly individualized in order to accommodate varying lifestyles and food preferences. Behavior modification techniques are included to guarantee client success in meeting personal goals. An initial consultation and follow-ups are provided on-site. Consultations specialize in...

  • Weight loss
  • Increasing energy
  • Behavior modification
  • Sports nutrition
  • Optimizing cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Vitamin supplementation prescriptions
  • Pregnancy
  • Body imaging

If one seminar just isn’t enough, bring the Nutrition Twins® to your group or office weekly in an On-Going Program. During 6 to 8 weeks of nutrition education and personal attention, watch your team improve their health and gain the skills to lead healthy, happy lives.


Pounds A-“Weigh”!

This comprehensive weight loss program can be provided in a six, eight or ten-week series. These classes cover...

  • Low-fat living
  • Behavior modification
  • Dining out
  • Smart snacking
  • Supermarket shopping
  • Group support
  • Encouragement and on-going motivation

Nutrition In A Nutshell: The Road To A Healthier You

This program is offered in a six, eight or ten-week series. These classes include...

  • An evaluation of the latest health trends
  • Tips for preventing cancer
  • The “ins and outs” of nutrition
  • The most current information about vitamins and herbs



Beat To A Healthier Heart

Let’s fight our nation’s leading killer – heart disease. Participants will learn how to evaluate their own personal risk for this “silent killer” and then learn how to take steps to lessen that risk. Classes are offered in six or eight-week series.