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A dynamic, high-energy duo,
Tammy and Lyssie are engaging speakers who will leave your group feeling empowered and excited to improve their health with realistic, practical
and easy-to-implement advice.

Book the Nutrition Twins to Speak at your next event!

*The twins are fully equipped to provide engaging IN-PERSON & LIVE VIRTUAL KEYNOTE EVENTS & WORKSHOPS at this time***

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The Nutrition Twins can get your bottom fit!


That’s right, improve your BOTTOM line!

Boost employee health, happiness, morale, and decrease sick days.

Learn groundbreaking, easy-to-incorporate lifestyle techniques you likely haven’t heard or tried before.

Leave your group motivated and inspired to reach their goals and live a healthier life.

Choose from any of their popular programs
or have one custom made for your needs.

Popular Topics Include:
  • Fire Up Your Metabolism- Surefire Ways to Shed Fat, Boost Energy & Fight Disease
  • Brain Boost: Enhance Brains Power, Focus  and Energy with Easy Hacks
  • Bye-Bye Belly Fat!- Simple Eating Strategies to Trim Your Waistline, Lower Cortisol and Fight Stress
  • You Can Eat Carbs! How to Eat Them and Lose Weight
  • Eating Right when Time is Tight! How to reach your health goals in a fast-paced world)
  • Reverse Aging! Eat For More Energy, a Slimmer Waistline, a Faster Metabolism and a Longer Life
  • Fight Disease with Your Fork
  • Fuel for Fitness: Appropriately Eat Before, After and Every Day
  • Cut Cholesterol With Three Simple Steps A Day...and many more!

21-Day Body Reboot Office Challenge

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Build employee morale and camaraderie with The Nutrition Twins' scientifically backed, results-driven signature 21-Day Body Reboot Weight Loss Program. Jumpstart weight loss, flush bloat, decrease toxin burden, fight inflammation, lower cortisol and get healthier with this healthy Weight Loss Jumpstart Office Challenge. Employees can compete as teams as they boost energy, get healthier, learn how to eat for longevity, and in a sustainable way that triggers weight loss.