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Do you wonder?:


What is the most effective way for me to lose weight?

How can I prevent getting the diseases that run in my family?

How do I improve my physical and mental performance?

How can I slow aging?

What supplements should I take?

Genetic testing can help to answer these questions. And so many more.

Here, at The Nutrition Twins, we use genetic testing to fine-tune your plan for optimal wellness. 

We look at the inherited variations in your DNA, known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and we take a deep dive into your genetic pathways, so we can provide science-backed guidance & recommendations that are as unique as you are! We look at how your genes uniquely influence how your body responds to your diet, your environment, and lifestyle and how certain susceptibilities may also be influenced by these factors.  

Our mission? 

To harness the power of your one-of-a-kind, gene-nutrient interactions, craft a custom research-backed plan that helps you to achieve optimal wellness, whether that means helping you to prevent diseases that run in your family, or minimizing certain susceptibilities, achieving peak mental performance, lowering biological age; losing weight & keeping it off; or maximizing your athletic potential.

And that’s just the beginning.

You can expect tailored nutrition recommendations, lifestyle modifications, exercise suggestions, and a deep understanding of which supplements may be beneficial or perhaps unnecessary for you.

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 How do we do this?

We use 3x4 Genetics to get your personal blueprint.   


Why do we use 3x4 Genetics?

After a lot of deep digging to learn about  different genetic tests, we discovered what we believe to be the best one. We deeply trust 3x4 Genetics.

We, Tammy & Lyssie Lakatos, both RDNs, CDNs,CFTs, CLTs, and certified 3X4 nutrigenetic practitioners, selected this report for its validity and use of the most studied and reliable genetic variants. Using this precise test of personalized health and wellness is critical to us so that it is in alignment with our science-backed, result-driven practice that has afforded thousands of people long-lasting health and weight loss success. 

You can access a sample report HERE & check out all the genetic pathways the test analyzes below.

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Ready to uncover your personalized nutritional blueprint? Apply here.