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Savory Sweet Potato Soup

  November 5, 2017  |    Blog>Nutrition & Weight Loss

Growing up in our parent’s plant-based, healthy household, there were a number of meals and food staples that were no stranger to our humble abode. Our favorites? Our mom’s homemade pizza (yes, even with the dense whole wheat crust 😉 ) was number one. After all, how could pizza not be top of the list?! …

Kiwi & Olive Quinoa with Cranberries and Feta

  June 27, 2017  |    Blog>Recipes>Lunch/Dinner

A big fat cooking rut.  I, Lyssie, was in one.  Yes, even this registered dietitian and one of The Nutrition Twins who loves to cook got stuck in one.  And thanks to two generous samples- #zesprikiwifruit and #organicgrain (organicgrains.com) and an urge to instantly marry the two in one dish, I’ve been set free!  Having …