Lyssie Lakatos  & Tammy Lakatos Shames • Nutrition & Fitness Experts (RDN, CDN, CFT)


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Blueberry & Corn Salsa

When we were growing up, corn on the cob seemed to join us every summer night at the dinner table. It typically replaced our mom’s baked potato, brown rice, barley or other wholesome grain that came to our table in the winter. And we LOVED it. In fact, our dad had taught us the “Lakatos […]


Cherry & Pistachio Sweet Potato Medley

One of our favorite things about being registered dietitians is getting to be on the pulse of the latest nutrition research as well as the newest food products, information and trends.  And the truth is, if we haven’t already heard about the latest nutrition fads or new food products on the shelves, you ask us […]

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