Keep Cool and Fit With Swim

  June 3, 2012  |    Blog

As the thermometer rises, keep cool by working out in the water. Swimming is a great exercise to incorporate into your repertoire since it builds upper body strength (hello Madonna arms!) and takes your aerobic fitness to another level. Developing good technique is key to building endurance in the water and will get you feeling energized all day!

Here are some good tips to building your freestyle stroke in the water:

  • Find a rhythm to your breathing and be sure to exhale in the water before you come up to breathe.
  • Keep your head down in the water to keep your hips up near the surface. When you lift your head, your legs tip down creating more drag in the water.
  • Point one arm forward at all times in your stroke to cut through the water. When you engage you core your body will become straight, creating the least resistance.
  • Use your legs to kick minimally, if you use them too much you will fatigue too soon.

Swimming is great for your arms, shoulders, and pecks! Even when the weather gets too hot, there are no excuses for not getting your exercise in the water!

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