Ever wonder which herbs and spices go well with what?

  August 9, 2012  |    Blog

Feeling a bit drab in the kitchen? Here are a few delicious pointers to get your cooking energy on and to serve up some delicious food. The flavors will revolutionize boring old chicken!

Thyme: Pretty much good with everything, especially in vinaigrettes or on grilled vegetables. Best when used in a marinade with white meats either by itself or with other herbs.

Sage: A strong herb, that also works well in a white meat, like chicken, marinade. Try adding it to your soups or citrus vinaigrettes. Also great when used on roasting or grilling vegetables.
Tarragon: Fabulous on grilled fish or as a marinade for white meat. Finish your hollandaise sauce with this herb for a proper eggs benedict. Add to your herb salad with parsley for a tasty combination.

(Adapted from growNYC.com Greenmarket recipe series)

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