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Are those staple recipes in your family getting old this time of year? Swap some of your old ingredients and recipes for these winter specials! They not only add color and nutrition to the plate, but they are packed with nutrients to boost your immunity and help to keep you healthy so that you don’t end up feeling drained and exhausted by flus or colds. You’ll have energy for your daily life activities so you feel refreshed during this hectic time of the year!

Our first recipe incorporates BEETS– No matter what the color we love adding beets to our recipes. Raw beets are high in folate, a vitamin that aids in cell metabolism to increase energy. You can’t beet it.

Try this Raw Beet Salad Recipe!

– 1 pound of beets
– 1 large shallot
– 2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
– 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
– ½ tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
– Minced spices of your choice (parsley, dill, rosemary, etc.)

Peel the beets and shallots, place in a bowl, and beat with a food processor until beets are shredded, NOT PUREED! Toss with remaining ingredients and enjoy.

What delicious recipes do you make with beets?

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