Flip2BFit Raffle!

  January 1, 2013  |    Blog

If you’re like Tammy, then you know what a struggle it is to get your kids to avoid a video game or television screen. But, now as parents we have a great alternative that your kids will love—the Flip2BFit Board Game!index-1

This board game gets children on their feet and moving! Flip2BFit is a fitness board game that incorporates nutrition and fitness in one package without having to leave your home.

The physical skills included in the game are stretching, yoga, strength training and cardio. The basic idea of the game is that children need to travel through the park to meet “Springer” the dinosaur at the playground. In order to do so, they will need to perform certain fitness exercises. There are also good and bad food cards that help to advance or to go back in the game.

Flip2BFit also includes a memory card came called Bakari that challenges your mind.

Not only does this fitness board game encourage a healthy lifestyle and helps to provide more ENERGY throughout the day, 25% of profits go to their partner charity, Fitness for Africa—how cool is that? Love it!

So get moving on your feet with Flip2BFit today! Leave a comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter using the hashtag #NTFlip2BFit and let us know ways you encourage a healthy lifestyle with your children or family members – and you will be entered to win a Flip2BFit fitness board game!

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