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Yesterday our bloggers, the Nutrition Twins, took over Fitbie’s Facebook page to address your healthy eating questions. Below are a few highlights. To see the whole conversation, visit the Fitbie Facebook page

Do Green Coffee Bean supplements help with weight loss?
Great question. Supplements are not regulated in this country, so there is nothing to ensure that you actually are getting any of the ingredients that claim to be in there. Results of a small study were positive, but more research is needed. Stick with good ole’ healthy eating and exercise until more research proves this supplement actually delivers.

Is it possible to eat too much fiber? And if so, how much is too much?
We relate—we probably eat more than most people we know due to our love of veggies! The downside of too much fiber: It can interfere with nutrient absorption and can cause cramping and diarrhea for some people. Although most people don’t get enough, try not to go above 50 grams a day.

What are some good ideas for a breakfast to have in the car? Oatmeal isn’t easy to eat while driving.
Spread a tablespoon of peanut butter on piece of whole wheat bread at home and wrap it around a banana. Some of our clients prep an egg white veggie omelet in a whole-wheat pita and take it with them in foil–it holds up surprisingly well. Or try a low-sugar low-fat/non-fat yogurt drink or kefir and a piece of fruit. Or, how about a piece of fruit, a hard-boiled egg and a string cheese and/or slice of whole wheat bread? Here’s to healthy eating and driving!

More and more research is coming about how a “calorie is not a calorie.” Advocates are saying the source of calories are far more important that simply how man you eat in a day. What are your thoughts on this?
We absolutely agree that a calorie is not a calorie. When your calories are packed with antioxidant and nutrient rich foods, not only are you fighting disease, slowing the aging process and fueling your body with wholesome energy-boosting foods, but you can feel good about making a healthy decision. We’re guessing that you’re also referring to all the hoopla about weight loss, diabetes and obesity. The research is certainly interesting! However, we’re not convinced that something like 100 calories of white bread would necessarily make you gain more weight than 100 calorie slice of whole wheat bread. But that slice of white bread could likely impact your choices the rest of the day by causing blood sugar crashes and subsequent overeating and less efficient exercise. If your entire diet was like that slice of white bread, not only would you be missing all of the nutrients that help to keep your body healthy and prevent diabetes, but you’d also have a spike in blood sugar that could lead to other health problems like diabetes.

Edamame Hummus

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