The 5 Best Ways to Boost Metabolism

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Is your weight loss plan helping you to burn fat quickly and easily? When you lose weight, do you keep it off? Cutting calories and increasing exercise are important pieces when it comes to losing body fat and getting a flat belly, but they’ll only get you so far. You can only cut calories and exercise so much before ironically, they slow your metabolism and have other negative effects. So what can you do to burn fat beyond diet and exercise? We help our clients to achieve long-lasting fat loss not just by reducing calories & carbs and increasing exercise, but by getting their body to perform optimally. We do this by addressing 5 key factors.

We were super excited when a brand that we trust developed a science-backed supplement Fatlossity, that targets these 5 key factors to help people who are struggling like heck to lose weight.  In our nearly 20 years as registered dietitians, we’ve never believed in or recommended a weight loss system (aside from our own coaching) until now.

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There are five underlying metabolic disturbances that hinder your metabolism and prevent you from losing those stubborn pounds.  By addressing these 5 key elements: Thermogenesis, Hormones, Blood Sugar, Stress & Cortisol, and Sleep & Recovery, you can rebalance your body to burn fat.  Most people completely overlook these factors for permanent weight loss, and because we address them, our clients have great long-term success–and watch the pounds slip off (especially if they hit a weight loss plateau).

1. Thermogenesis:

Improve your metabolism and burn body fat.

The key is to make your body more thermogenic. We know this sounds technical, but thermogenesis simply means “heat-producing.”  The more you heat up, or increase your metabolic “fire”, the more calories you burn. The same way that a fire has to burn more wood to keep going, the more you build your metabolic fire, you have to burn more energy (calories) to keep going.  “Brown fat” is your secret weapon in building your metabolic fire and to burning more fat.

You can stimulate your brown fat by taking ice baths, drinking coffee/ ingesting caffeine (250mg to a maximum of 300mg/ daily), exercising for 150 minutes a week (30 minutes, 5 times a week), adding hot pepper and black pepper to everything and drinking green tea.  Thermogenesis is one of the key factors that Fatlossity addresses.

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2. Keep Blood Sugar Levels Stable:

Prevent blood sugar spikes to burn fat & stop cravings.

When blood sugar spikes, insulin is released, which shuts off fat burning. This is why chronically high blood sugar leads to weight gain. When we help our clients to stabilize their blood sugar, it also helps to prevent sugar cravings. When blood sugar spikes, it’s typically followed by a crash.  The crash signals your brain for a quick pick-me-up. What’s the fastest pick-me-up you can get? Sugar. If you give in to the craving, it starts a vicious cycle of a sugar high followed by another crash, and yet another craving for more sugar. Ultimately, this leads to weight gain.

We help our clients to balance their blood sugar by getting adequate protein and fiber at meals, eating lots of veggies & less doughy carbs. We also have them do many other things including adding Ceylon cinnamon in their diets in addition to now recommending the Fatlossity system, which also addresses blood sugar balance.

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3. Balance Hormones

Regulate hormones to boost metabolism.

Hormones play a major role in controlling weight as well as appetite. Hormonal imbalances in insulin, thyroid, cortisol and sex hormones prevent your body from burning fat.

We help our clients to naturally balance their hormones with many strategies such as getting adequate protein at every meal, healthy fats like omega-3 rich fatty fish (i.e. sardines, salmon & herring) and adequate iodine for thyroid function (i.e. seaweed snack sheets). We also have them drink green tea, limit sugary & processed foods, and address their sleep and exercise habits. Balancing hormones is one of the key focuses of Fatlossity.

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4. Stress and Cortisol

Minimize Stress & Cortisol to lose belly fat.

Cortisol puts the brakes on fat burning and increases cravings. Cortisol (aka “the stress hormone” & the “belly-fat hormone”) levels rise and remain high with continued stress. This shuts down your fat-burning hormone signals, so you store more fat, especially around the waist.  What’s more, when cortisol rises, so does insulin, which causes blood sugar to drop. This interferes with blood sugar balance. You now know that when your blood sugar levels aren’t stable (i.e. you have a blood sugar crash) it triggers sugar cravings and typically overeating too. Our clients drop weight and lose belly fat when we address stress for many other reasons too. Chronic stress robs the body of energy and causes inflammation, leading to everything from diabetes, heart disease, obesity, immune system suppression and more. Your body can’t adequately focus on burning fat when it’s putting out all of the fires that inflammation is causing.

To relieve stress and lower cortisol, you can try multiple things including practicing deep breathing, going for a walk, exercising, listening to music, giving/ getting a massage, petting an animal, taking a good quality magnesium supplement (500mg), and by taking of a few trusted, calming herbs. Fatlossity targets stress and cortisol.

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5.  Sleep & Recovery

Get Quality Shut Eye to maximize fat-burning.

When you don’t get the necessary 7-8 hours of shut eye per night, it can lead to weight gain. Fall short on sleep and your hormones, gherlin and leptin are affected; gherlin (your hunger hormone) is increased and leptin (your satiety hormone) is decreased, creating the perfect storm for weight gain.  Sleep deprivation also creates inflammation, which gets in the way of good health and an efficient metabolism and can increase your fasting blood sugar.

To assist our clients in getting better sleep we help them to do many things such as helping them to manage their stress; avoiding caffeine after 3pm; eating magnesium-rich foods closer to bed (salmon and spinach for dinner; a small serving of nuts for a snack or one-half banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter); and taking a high quality, trusted magnesium supplement about an hour before bed.  Fatlossity addresses Sleep and Recovery.

We felt inspired to share Fatlossity with you because this is the first time in our nearly 20 years of practice that we’ve seen all of the factors that we discuss with our clients (beyond diet and exercise) — Thermogenesis, Hormones, Blood Sugar, Stress & Cortisol, and Sleep & Recovery — addressed in a weight loss system. Fatlossity rebalances your body to burn fat so you can lose weight and keep it off.  Aside from our own personal coaching, we’ve never recommended another weight loss system… until now.

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Stay tuned for our Facebook live with the founder of Fatlossity, Dr. Stephen Cabral.

We’ve partnered with Fatlossity for this special promotion, but all thoughts are our own. Always check with your doctor before beginning anything new.

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  1. Great tips! For me, weight loss was really a hormonal problem. I struggled to lose weight postpartum, I worked out, kept a healthy diet but it didn’t work for me at all. Only after a year PP, when I quit breastfeeding and got better sleep at night, my weight started to shift slowly.

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for your comment and for sharing that! Please let us know how it goes as you try them! xoxo

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