The Secret to Skinny


by The Nutrition Twins®
Tammy Lakotos Shames, R.D. and Lyssie Lakotos, R.D.

secret2skinny The Nutrition Twins® have helped hundreds of clients lose weight, eliminate bloating, and tone up for good on their salt-slashing program—with the side benefits of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Simple and effective, their 4-week diet is built around key lo-so foods: green-light “Anti-bloaters,” “Flushers,” and “Slimmers,”–foods that keep you slim by helping your body excrete salt and pounds. They shine a light on the red-light “Bloaters,” “Pluggers,” “Chubbers,” and “Flabbers,”–foods that you should avoid because they pack on the pounds. With easy-to-find foods that are full of flavor, they will show you how to swap out salt saboteurs with foods that keep you satisfied and slim.

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