Strengthen Your Midsection with Good Posture

  July 9, 2011  |    Blog

What’s the best way to strengthen your core?
Although regularly performing crunches for your core, obliques, and lower abs is a sure-fire way to strengthen and tone your midsection, here’s an overlooked secret that goes a long way in achieving that flat, flaunt worthy stomach: it all begins with your posture.

When sitting or standing, you want to make sure you are consciously achieving an upright posture. This keeps your back muscles contracted and your navel pulled in towards your spine, stabilizing your core. Slouching in a sofa leaves no room for any contraction of the abs and actually intensifies the appearance of a pooch!

“So you’ve been warned,” we say as we smile and correct our own posture. 🙂

What do we find to be best for us? For us, it’s the combination of running (for cardiovascular fitness and to keep the abs lean) along with the plank (to keep the core strong) to be great for our stomach.

How do you blast your belly?

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