Stay Healthy This Fall

  September 7, 2012  |    Blog

With the last days of summer upon us, we’re looking forward to the fall. We love the different vegetables that grow this season, the changing of the leaves, and the cool, crisp air. However, we don’t love the idea of getting sick which seems to happen as the seasons change.

Here are a few simple reminders on how to stay healthy this fall.

  • Some vitamin supplements are good, but real food and real nutrients will help you fight off any bugs better than a supplement will. Focus on eating a healthy, varied diet that’s packed with our favorite—fruits and veggies.
  • Wash your hands. We all know that we’re supposed to wash our hands after going to the bathroom and before eating, but many times we feel we are in such a rush, we forget to do this simple task! Wanna stay healthy and germ free? Then be sure to clean your hands, especially before eating.
  • Remember to wash fruits and vegetables, and all other foods that may be dirty for that matter. Don’t just rinse them for a second; let them sit under running water and really scrub them..
  • Keep exercising, even if it gets cold outside! If you need to move inside to exercise in the cooler temperatures, that’s fine. Moderate exercise helps keep your immune system strong so it can fight off invaders!
  • Drink, drink, drink! And mostly water! Our cells are made up of mostly water, so when you don’t drink enough and become dehydrated, your cells – including your immune cells – can’t do their job as well.
  • Get enough sleep. When you don’t sleep enough (many experts say enough sleep is 7-8 hours a night), your immune system has a harder time keeping you healthy.

These are just a few common tips for staying healthy as we go into the fall and then winter. What do you do to keep from getting sick?

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