Kiwaii Water Giveaway!

  February 3, 2013  |    Blog

Are you determined to slim down, feel better and have more energy in 2013? Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to do this and to feel your best. Kiwaii wants to encourage you to drink more water and to be healthier by offering you a chance to win free-cases of Kiwaii Spring Water from New Zealand. Kiwaii tastes amazingly pure, light and clean and is one of the best tasting natural spring waters.

kiwaii water

How will water help you to meet your goals? Water is calorie-free and helps flush out impurities. With Kiwaii you’ll stay hydrated and your body will work efficiently so that you don’t need those high calorie, sugar laden sports drinks. Kiwaii is the perfect refreshing beverage during a workout, and all day long.

For more KIWAII info:

Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and you’ll be entered in the raffle to be one of 5 lucky winners!

Here is what Kiwaii will deliver to the winners:

  • 5 cases for the grand prize winner
  • 2 cases for the second place winner
  • 1 case each for the next 3 runners up.

(10 total cases for 5 winners)

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