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  March 6, 2013  |    Blog

As we begin to celebrate National Nutrition Month, maintaining a health and wellness regimen is top of mind. While we recommend aiming to get daily nutrients from food, we realize that hectic schedules can interfere with eating healthfully. Nature Made has created VitaMelts to help to provide a safety net for those days when you don’t eat adequate amounts of nutrient-rich foods. And now you can be one of three of our lucky readers to receive a full product line of Nature Made VitaMelts along with a yoga mat and water bottle!

Nature Made has created VitaMelts as a uniquely enjoyable and tasty way for women to take vitamins and they’re great for women who are always on-the-go – you can take them anytime, anywhere because you don’t need water and they come in a handy flip-top pack.

VitaMelts are available in six delicious offerings and come in great-tasting natural flavors such as juicy orange, creamy vanilla and chocolate mint. The VitaMelts product line includes:

  • VitaMelts Zinc (Honey Lemon) – helps support the body’s natural defense system
  • VitaMelts Vitamin C (Juicy Orange) – powerful antioxidant that supports immune system health
  • VitaMelts Vitamin D (Creamy Vanilla) – not only offers immune support, but also important for bone health
  • VitaMelts Energy (Mixed Berry) – supports cellular energy production by helping the body convert food into energy
  • VitaMelts Relax (Green Tea Mint) – contains a natural relaxant, L-theanine, clinically shown to be effective in helping to relax the mind
  • VitaMelts Sleep (Chocolate Mint) – helps regulate sleep and wake cycles

To be one of Nature Made’s three lucky winners of their full Nature Made VitaMelts product line, a yoga mat and water bottle simply leave a comment here or on our facebook page telling us how VitaMelt sounds best for your goals or how it will help you maintain your wellness regimen this National Nutrition Month.

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