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  September 14, 2013  |    Blog

September is Better Breakfast Month.  Growing up, our Mom made us eat breakfast every morning before we were allowed to leave the house.  So this became a habit for us. Although, we often wanted to race out the door without breakfast, we feel fortunate now that we didn’t skip it since it became a part of our morning routine and stuck with us as adults.

We see the struggle many of our clients have to face as they try to make eating breakfast a routine–but once they do, they admit that eating it is so helpful –it gives them the energy they need to start their day and to prevent them from being ravenous at lunch time. It also prevents binges.

The truth is that many Americans skip breakfast every day or don’t eat a nutritious breakfast.  Instead, in a hurry, they turn to convenience foods or take a quick trip through the drive through and don’t make the healthiest choices.

Looking for more healthy recipes?  Please feel free to search this site!  Here are a few to try:

This month, make a commitment to eat a healthier breakfast.  And we want to help you to do it!

While eating a healthy breakfast might seem like a challenge in the morning when things are hectic, having a plan about what you are going to eat and simply taking a few minutes at night to prepare for your breakfast can make all of the difference.

Next week, we’ll give you breakfasts that you can literally grab on the run. For now, here are some quick breakfasts for one week that you can take just several minutes to prep the night before–simply lay out the ingredients at night in bowls, or prepare the night before etc. and just assemble in the morning by tossing together or turning on the microwave!:

Monday-Whole grain toaster waffles topped with low-fat or fat-free yogurt (we love non-fat Greek yogurt!) and fresh or canned fruit in it’s own juices.

  • Measure out the yogurt and fruit the night before so when the waffles are toasted, you simply can plop the yogurt and fruit on top.

Tuesday– Whole wheat pita pocket filled with scrambled eggs and topped with grated cheese with a piece of fruit on the side

  • Wash the fruit the night before, have your frying pan and cooking spray out and ready to go.  You can even scramble your eggs the night before and leave in tupperware

Wednesday– Toasted whole grain toast with peanut butter and banana slices, low fat milk or nonfat Greek yogurt.

  • Move your bread and peanut butter to the front of the cabinet or refrigerator and measure you peanut butter in advance to have ready to spread.

Thursday-Whole grain English muffin with salmon and fat-free or low-fat cream cheese .

  • Slice your English muffin the night before if it isn’t sliced already.  Measure out the salmon that you’d like so you can toss it on muffin and move the cream cheese to an easily accessible place in the fridge-you can measure it out in advance too.

Friday– Oatmeal mixed with 1 tbsp slivered almonds,1 tbsp dried fruit, ½ banana and low fat milk or nonfat yogurt (for extra creaminess and protein).

  • Measure out your oatmeal the night before and place it in a bowl with a plate on top and place in the microwave.  Measure out the dried fruit the night before too.

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