It’s Still Possible to Eat Healthfully on Halloween!

  October 31, 2013  |    Blog

Happy Halloween!

Who doesn’t love a little chocolate and candy? While candy in large amounts spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E, it’s all about moderation; you can eat some candy and not feel terrible about it afterwards – especially today!

Here are some smart ways to eat your typical candy choices – and feel guilt –free–since we all know we most likely will sneak in a few candy bars today!

Halloween Candy

Go for these treats rather than the alternatives mentioned after them!

3 Musketeers Minis: instead of indulging in candy that has a large amount of caramel and peanuts, dive into a 3 musketeers mini – these contain only 63 calories 2 grams of fat and 11 grams of sugar over the other guys!

York Peppermint Patty: these are lower in calories and fat compared to other chocolates at 165 calories and 3 grams of fat in one bar. Look for the smaller sized ones for even fewer calories. Plus you get the added benefit of a minty fresh breath!

Tootsie Roll: who doesn’t love this fun sized chocolate?! One roll has about 50 calories – so don’t get too carried away since the calories can add up quickly!

Peanut M&Ms: we love M&Ms like the next person – but the best ones are probably the peanut ones, health wise. 1 fun-size pouch is about 90 calories, you can’t beat that! Peanuts contain protein, which is a little health benefit that can help boost your energy and prevent the sugar high and low that signals your brain to crave more sugar.

Jolly Ranchers: fruity and delish – what’s not to love?! 3 candies contain 70 calories, 0 grams of fat and 11 grams of sugar! Be sure to suck them rather than chew and it’s long lasting and low calorie – dig in! Three may even last over an hour!

If you don’t like any of the candies listed above and MUST have your usual. We compared a few of the most popular candies to let you know the better choice.

Snickers vs. Reese’s: while Reese’s technically have more protein with all that peanut butter, Snickers is the winner here! Snickers has less saturated fat and calories.

Twix vs. Kit Kat: neither one of these are really THAT healthy, but Kit Kat wins here. They have less calories and sodium than Twix. Twix has 3 times the sodium!

Smarties vs. SweeTarts: Smarties have half the calories and sugar than SweeTarts. They are smaller as well, so it feels like you’re not eating as much of that sugar.

While there’s obviously SO many more types of candy out there – we just wanted to name a few to help curb your sweet tooth this Halloween season!

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What’s some of your favorite healthier candy choices?

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