What does 200 Calories Look Like?


Infographic Credit: http://www.evoke.ie/category/health/

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  1. barbie bowdoin
    barbie bowdoin says:

    I have always thought myself to be healthy. I raised my two girls alone; both in the medical field ages 25 and 23. I am 51. I met my love and we married in May. I knew him all my life we ran the same circles in highschool and as we became older, he found me. We are very happy; but after honeymoon I had to have arthroscopic knee surgery; bone to bone!! Arthritis!! I am having no fun at all because I have always been very active. And he still wants to eat as if he is a bachelor! I can’t; do not want to be overweight. Please help!

    • Lyssie Lakatos
      Lyssie Lakatos says:

      Hi Barbie! We love your story of you and your husband reunited and now got married! Congratulations! How fabulous!
      Oh no–we are so sorry to hear about your knee! We’d love to help! Are you looking for one-on-one private consultations? Please let us know–if you aren’t in NYC we can skype or provide phone consults. We hope you feel better! We know not being active after being able to move as you like is not easy! We hope you feel much better! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!
      x & x,
      L & T

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