Skip Eating Before Exercise to Prevent a Cramp?

  July 10, 2011  |    Blog

Ever jump in the pool right after eating, or perform any physical exercise after eating?

If so, you probably have learned that it’s best to let your food settle down a bit before working out! By the same token, we also should not exercise on an empty stomach, as many yoga practices instruct.

A NYtimes health blog, WELL reported that exercising without having any food to fuel sufficient calorie burn actually depletes muscle mass, based on a study performed on cyclists.

If you haven’t eaten for a long period of time when you go to exercise, your body burns calories from its protein reserve, whereas exercising after having eaten carbs and healthy fats, allows the body to more efficiently burn calories, and those that come from fat. Your metabolism also is kept in check if workouts are done about an hour to two after a meal.

Try a light meal that won’t weigh you down but at the same time will fuel you, like a piece of fruit and a nonfat yogurt.

What do you eat before a workout to fuel you but to prevent a cramp in your stomach?

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