Buying Organic For Less

  October 3, 2011  |    Blog

Want to purchase more organic food but struggle with the higher price tag? Here are a few tips for getting organic foods at a lower price:

  • Buy in bulk, especially for foods such as lentils, beans and nuts. Just make sure you have a cool, dry place to store them. (If you buy fresh foods in bulk, follow the next tip!)
  • Buy produce in season and can it or freeze it. Foods are cheaper when they are in season, so you’ll get more for your money and fresh-tasting, delicious produce all year round! Canning is easier than you think, but make sure you do it properly. For details on how to properly can your own food, visit your local library for information.
  • Head down to your local farmer’s market ready to bargain. It may sound odd, but it’s not uncommon. It’s easiest to bargain when you’re buying foods in season and/or buying in bulk
  • If you’re a little shy when it comes to bartering, ease into it. Find slightly bruised or spotted fruits and veggies (not damaged, just a little less than perfect!) or slightly wilted lettuce and herbs. A farmer may be more likely to give you money off produce that doesn’t look perfect. Spinach is going to wilt after a day or so anyway, so buying it slightly wilted will only force you to eat it sooner. (A great perk in our minds!)
  • You can save a lot of money buying store brands. The quality won’t be any worse because all foods labeled organic go through the same testing and have to meet the same standards, but the price can be drastically lower.
  • Pay attention to what is currently on sale at your grocery store. When foods you buy are marked down, stock up on them (especially if they won’t go bad).
  • Many organic companies offer coupons on their websites, so when making your grocery list search for and print out coupons for any packaged organic foods you buy.
  • Be willing to be flexible. If the store or market doesn’t have what you want for a reasonable price, substitute that food for something less expensive and check back the next week to see if prices are more reasonable.
  • Don’t forget about the internet! Many people don’t consider the internet as a source for organic food, but there can be some great options available. And this allows you to shop around and check out different prices on different sites so you can find the cheapest option!
  • Saving money when possible is great, but if the price of organic food still seems too high, consider rethinking your food budget. By making a small change in your daily habits, such as switching from a large coffee in the morning to a small coffee, could free up a lot of extra money you can put towards buying organic.

Do you eat organic? What tricks do you have to cut the cost of organic foods?

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