Don’t forget breakfast!

  December 15, 2011  |    Blog

Stop! Hands up and let go of the pastry… Even if you forgot to eat breakfast before rushing out the door don’t look for that quick-fix at the local coffee shop. Those baked goods are high in calories and sugar, and won’t give you the energy you need to jumpstart your day. If you are usually pressed for time in the morning, we’ve got something you can easily prepare the night before that you can grab while you’re running out the door.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is eat breakfast. We both can relate to being in a mad dash in the morning–Tammy’s busy with getting the kids off to school before heading to work and the gym, Lyssie trying to make it to the gym and then work on time, but breakfast is a must have for both of us. We both know the repercussions if we skip it—we end up tired, hungry and craving a pick-me up or overeating when we do finally eat. And we don’t want to be forced to grab an unhealthy muffin or bagel at the local coffee shop. Even worse are the deceivingly unhealthy yogurt parfaits that are sitting on the shelves! They tend to have a layer of calorie-laden honey or syrup, as well as high-calorie granola. So we’ve found an easy fix. We make ours at home—and you can too! And best of all? It’s simple!

If you’re like us and are usually pressed for time, prepare something the night before that you can grab while you’re running out the door. Yogurt parfaits are great because you can put everything into a container when you have the time, and pull out it out of the fridge when you’re in a rush. Try to buy low-fat or nonfat plain or Greek yogurt, and add the flavor yourself. Add fresh fruit and a little bit of bran flakes or oats.

Parfaits are perfect for the kids too! Kids tend to like a sweeter yogurt, so if they prefer one that’s flavored, opt for ones sweetened with fruit or fruit juice, not artificial flavors. Want to get them involved? Create an “ice cream bar” and put the toppings into separate bowls, so they can create their own! They can do this at night also, so they can grab it in the morning on the way to school. Challenge them to make it as colorful as possible, and wait and see what they can come up with! You may be surprised at just how many fruits they throw in there …

Do you ever make a parfait for breakfast? What do you add? What is your fall-back plan when you don’t have time to make breakfast?

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