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  May 7, 2015  |    Blog>Exercise

If you want a Butt Lift and Jiggle-Free Inner Thighs without surgery, then this is the exercise for you!  You can achieve all with one at-home exercise!


Say hello to these awesome Front and Lateral Lunges.   This is one of Lyssie’s go-to leg toners, especially when she is pressed for time. She’s a bit obsessed with these–you instantly can feel them perk up the butt and work those challenging spots in the inner thighs.


Warning: This exercise may make your butt appear as if you had a butt lift surgery.  If this is not what you want, we advise you stay away from this exercise, or just sit on the couch! 😉  (Honestly, this exercise is pretty fun and we don’t think you’ll want to miss out!)


Now that you’ve got the perky butt and jiggle-free inner thighs, try

this easy exercise for great shoulders, ideal for tank top season

this move for toning saddlebags

this exercise for tight abs


Remember, when doing this exercise:

1.  Keep your abs tight and engaged.

  1. Make sure that your knees don’t extend over your toes when you’re lunging.
  2. Think about stepping forward with your legs at “12:00” position and then lunging at laterally at “4:00” and “8:00” position, as demonstrated.

4.  Start by completing ten forward and lateral lunges with each leg.  That’s one set.  Take a break and complete two more sets.

  1. Say hello to your tight, perky butt and toned, jiggle-free inner thighs! Oh yeah! 😉





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